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21st February 2007

A call to Africa…

I dreamed about Africa the other night, that I was back in the hospital. It’s been just over a year since I came back. I was talking to Chris last night, who’s on his journey across the world again (I think he should have arrived in New Zealand now), and will be going to Kenya for a month in March, and I was trying to tell him about all of the people and the cultures…. and realized that I had forgotten. Names, mostly, of the people that I had met. They’ve come back to me now, after sitting here and scrouging around for the faces. Lenai. Shawn. Raj. Liz. Leigh Anne and Karla. Time moves so quickly, and before you know it even the brightest, most cherished memories begin to fade.

I’m almost 2/3rd of the way through intern year, and I am so tired. Bone weary. This is my fourth month of Q4 call, of admissions and discharges, of early mornings and long rounds, and I’m just tired. Not to mention, I got three emails, questioning my professionalism yesterday (they were directed at a group, not just me), that pissed me off. I had one of my clinic patient’s mom call and yell at me (I managed to remain logical, she calmed down and listened to me). I argued with a patient today. I’m usually very good with my patients, I try to be compassionate, but he started yelling at me the moment I stepped into the door, so I was much more blunt and hard than I usually am… and predictably, it did not go well. I left in the middle of another one of his tirades, just turned around and walked out. Didn’t apologize or nothing. πŸ™ Not good.

I miss traveling. One of the med neuro residents here just got back from a rotation in Zambia, where he worked in a neurology clinic, but really ended up doing everything that they asked for (the stories he tells of taking care of trauma patients after a bus accident!), and all I can think is “I wanna do that!” Make a difference, rather than just feeling like I’m the drug dealer for the patients with pain “crises” and serious drug addictions.

Chris left yesterday for another 3 month stent across the globe, this time to New Zealand and Australia, then to Kenya for the same rotation that I did, down to South Africa for an overland trip that sounds amazing, and finally to Ireland, where we’ll met up (with his parents. Did I tell you that development? I like his parents, they’re very nice people, but it’s already hard enough explaining to people that you’re going on vacation with your very platonic friend, without getting parents mixed in). Three whole months of traveling. Bet you couldn’t tell I was jealous. πŸ™‚

Speaking of Africa, this story is amazing: http://news.yahoo.com/s/ap/20070220/ap_on_re_af/running_the_sahara. I’ve been reading their blog at National Geographic (why did it not dawn on me that it would be a website as well), and it’s quite fascinating

And still speaking of Africa, would my dear African friends like to meet/host Chris for a few days while he’s down there visiting your country? He’ll be traveling in and out of Jo’berg Aprilish and in need of a good time and friendly faces. Obviously, I understand not rushing out to welcome people you don’t know and haven’t even “met”, and that you have jobs and real lives, but I figure I’d dangle a little carrot and remind melancthe that he’s pretty cute and see if she’d bite. πŸ˜‰

It is amusing me, however, when I picture explaining to him how I know you… and how you are aware of his existence. Yep, still haven’t “come out of the closet” with the blog to him. πŸ™‚ I guess this will really be my chance.

Okay, to bed. One of my precious days off tomorrow, and I will not squander it!

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13th February 2007

too close

I’ve got my fourth migraine in 10 days.

The news about the shooting in Utah ate at my soul all day. I lived a mere 4 blocks from the mall, went to the movies there, ate at Red Rock Cafe, and danced in the foyer. Everwood was filmed there once… I watched that episode this summer and got homesick. The water tower changes lights depending on what the weather will be. So many memories. The news makes it sound like it was this large, impersonal shopping mall, instead of the small, historic collection of shops. That violence and senseless hate could touch my hometown is unfathomable.

Prayers to the victims’ families.

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12th February 2007

Remember the Simpsons episode….

where Lisa frees the dolphin and they then take over the world?


I don’t know, that dolphin is looking mighty fishy….

(I know I’ve just been posting frivolous stuff recently. Am quite burned out right now and in need of diversion. The Serious and Complaining Posts will resume shortly, I’m sure.)

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11th February 2007

shout outs

Valerie! I got your postcard! *hugs* It so made my day, and your school looks so much fun.. Thank you! One day, I’ll actually get my Christmas cards out and reciprocate.

iTunes is carrying Friday Night Lights now…and the first episode is free, so I finally got to see the show that angel_grace and eponine119 have been raving about. I think I could easily get drawn in… I was getting into the game (and I loath football) and actually cried at the ending. Already have gotten attached to some characters (Coach and his family. The little sophomore quarterback) and hate some too (the drunk kid. Really rubs me wrong). Guess I’d better be adding this one to the DVD pile.

I was going to answer my interview questions, but they are making me think too much, so that will have to wait until tomorrow. I really need more sleep.

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11th February 2007

dangerous for the pocket book


eBay is dangerous. It is. I know it, which is why I avoid it. Just exploring there makes me see all of the good deals and I start saying, “hey, I can afford that” and bid on it… then a few hours later, am outbid. Well, of course, I can’t have that, because it’s MINE, and before you know it, I’m in possession of something that is no longer the wonderful deal that it was before.


I am now in possession of Season 2 of Dr. Who. I got it for cheaper than I could have bought it anywhere else, but it’s still more than I wanted to pay for it in the first place. Okay, I am very excited about it, especially since I’ve discovered that the YouTube videos were missing scenes, and I’d like to see the episodes in a less pixelated form on a bigger screen. Plus, commentary! Deleted scenes! All mine!

I’ve got a bid in for the first season…. This time, will resist pressing the button when I’ve been outbid. I will. Really.

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5th February 2007

Happy Birthday!

Welcome to the world, little Girl Leavitt-Garcia! Hope your entrance wasn’t too traumatic for your poor mama. Now you just have to promise to stay wee and floppy until your Aunt Julia gets a chance to say hi in person.

*hugs my Lizzie*

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