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25th August 2008

It’s been a long time since I posted one of these!

Do you remember that year when a dark haired boy got off the bus in Stars Hollow and our lives weren’t quite the same after that? Because of that boy, because of his aloofness and intensity and, face it, smoking hot looks, we were drawn first to the television every week, and then to the internet, where we found each other. It was then, when I tentatively placed my pen to paper and first wrote for an audience. I lived to write, snatching moments in pharm lectures to plan out the next scene, to find just the right combination of words. I loved the reviews that encouraged me on.

It’s been a long time since I was enchanted with Gilmore Girls. Long before the series finale aired, I had stopped watching, disgusted by the changes in Rory’s character, the lack of warmth in the relationship between Lorelai and Rory, the cardboard caricatures that the townies had become. I’ve stopped reading GG fanfiction, my own story gathering figurative dust, two chapters short of finished.

And then I clicked on this story and was instantly transported back to the magical days of Season 2. “Truths Universally Acknowledged” is an absolute delight to read. Her characterization of Jess and Paris are spot on perfect, and Rory, while somewhat wooden in her dialogue is still the charming, bookish 16-year-old that we once loved. Did I mention that it’s all about Jane Austen and takes place after “There’s the Rub” and there’s delightful townies storylines that seem positively lifted from the show? It makes me want to dig out my DVDs, watch all of the old fan videos that Ali and Becka used to make, reread some of my favorite stories, and yes, even tackle my little neglected story again. It’s that good.

You can find links to all 8 chapters of the story here: Truths Universally Acknowledged by 12cubed. Go on, now. Go read and then come back and we can gush together. πŸ™‚

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8th June 2005

Fandom gushings…

I thought this summer would be as most summers. Bereft of new episodes of my favorite shows, my only other option of shows to watch would be old reruns of M*A*S*H. And then, I switched to the USA channel for some good L&O: SVU, and within minutes was hooked on “The 4400”. I had seen it advertised last year, and thought that it was some show about Jehovah’s Witnesses and the religious Armageddon (*blush* What? 4400 is pretty to 144,000!) and it just didn’t seem like my kind of show.

Boy was I wrong! My sister filled me in on the premise and what happened last season, and I’ve become completely absorbed. The acting is incredible–really well done from everybody, the storyline’s great, and it feels like old time X-Files–without the monsters-of-the-week. I’m so excited!

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Fandom meme

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5th March 2005

Sticks and Stones – Lit Fiction Exchange

Literati Fiction Exchange

To Include:
– some type of problem in Rory/Jess’s relationship either being resolved or being explored b/c it can’t be resolved.
– dialogue about some random detail of the setting they’re in…i.e. “that clock on the wall” “this carpeting” “how the sun reflects off the wall”…anything.
– a book reference that isn’t often mentioned.
Not to Include:
– Jess crying (almost is fine if it happens to work that way *shrug*)…(I’m sorry, it’s just…a thing…I have…about writing Jess. Now, at least, lol. =$)
Rating: anything is fine *nods* …not NC-17? =P

A/N: Special thanks to Becka for the application of the whip to make sure I finished this. She’s the bestest! Please review!

Sticks and Stones

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14th February 2005

The promised “for real” update!

They do have chipper as a mood!

Please don’t ask me why I’m chipper. I’m sure if you asked me to analyze it, I would find out that I really am not so. My ankle hurts. My non-existant ab muscles hurt. I spent all afternoon hanging around a tiny office with 5 other doctors, so I could exam 2 patients. (So. Painfully. Boring.)

Yep, started a new rotation, pediatrics, which I have been excited for, but stuck in clinic has kinda sapped me of the glee. I was looking forward to doing well baby checks and looking into kid’s stuffy noses, but I can’t stand just sitting around in a too-small room and changing attendings every half day! Thankfully, this does not count towards evaluations. And it should get better. I hope it gets better.

Only three more rotations and I’ll be done with third year!

Only three more rotations and I’m done with third year. When you really think about it, it’s scary. I went to a med school party this weekend, where I mingled with so many of my classmates that I haven’t seem in months. And it hit me. In just a year and a bit, we’ll be separating and spreading across the country… These close friendships and associations will end. I can’t stop it, and even though it’s so far in the future, that black dread is taking over residence in my stomach.

Hey, come back here chipper feeling!

No, things are good. Really. I just won’t let myself think how miserable my life is going to be when Chris and I are on opposite coasts. πŸ™

I am such a nerd. No, really, it’s true. How did I spend my evening? My wonderful evening free of responsibility? Not to mention Valentine’s Day?? Reading articles from the latest Grand Rounds. I discovered this a couple of weeks ago, and I have to admit, when I read these blogs, written by actual doctors talking about real patient encounters, or just the science behind our bodies (they’ve figured out the genetics of why people have different sleep habits??? how cool is that!) I get so excited. Medicine is definitely my calling. Marissa, you should check some of it out–it’s written for the layman, and might give you an idea of the field.

Is tomorrow a new episode of GG? I haven’t seen the previous two yet (oops), but I still plan to and would like to tape it if it is.

And speaking of GG, can I do a bit of shameless plugging? Of course, ff.net messed up half of my formating (they’re taking out commas before quotation marks now!) and I’m not in the mood to go back and change it by hand, so believe me, it really doesn’t have nearly the number of errors in RL.

I’ve had to go through and make all most of my journal friends only. I had been planning on it, but I got friended by a rather, um, unsuitable person. And I really don’t need stalkers. πŸ˜‰ Unless, of course, you guys want to stalk me, and if that’s the excuse it takes you to come out and visit me, then by all means, I give you my blessing.

Geez, after this randomness, you’re going to be begging me not to keep my promises!

*hugs* to flist.

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1st October 2004

for justa small price

One of the greatest things I’ve ever seen on eBay:

Going, going… not gone!

Best of all, nobody bought it the first time. So it’s yours if you want it!

*shakes head*


Spent my Friday night contemplating my lonely existence and watching a documentary on Gene Kelly. *sigh* They just don’t make them like him anymore.

And…. am I the only one who thinks that Milo was on the last GG episode??? I swear I saw him as a extra. In the scene where Lorelai and Sookie are gushing about having the day off, and just right before they get to Dean and Lindsay’s (so convinently located) apartment, they pass by a girl and a guy with dark wild hair, wearing a black leather jacket, sitting and drinking coffee. I swear it was him!! Obviously, he came to visit Alexis on the set, and presto! Now, if only he’d stay permanently. Or I need to work on controlling those delusions more!

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10th June 2004

GG Drabble–Forms of Carbon

I actually wrote something GG related! I’m still completely unable to channel Rory and right now, trying to write Jess is a little painful, so instead, I wrote this. Comments are always appreciated! πŸ™‚

Title: Forms of Carbon
Word Count: 100
Characters: Lindsay, peripherally Dean
Adult Content: Not really
Author Notes: After the season 4 finale (spoilers). I tried to make it symbolic. I think I failed. πŸ™‚

Forms of Carbon

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9th June 2004

Oh really?

I am soooooooooo sick of studying. I hate it all. I don’t care if I fail. I really don’t. It’s not worth it.

How it’s been: Wake up before 8 and let Chris in. Read. Read some more. Start to fall asleep. Wake self up. Eat. Read. Throw book across room in frustration and boredom. Take test. Do awful. Fall asleep. Wake up, feel guilty. Read more. Last night, I was up until 1 studying. Not tonight. Tonight, I slacked off. I shall pay tomorrow.

I’ve been distracting myself by writing GG drabbles. Yep, I can’t get away from the fandom. Today I got the loveliest review on LNB that is making me want to get it out and just finish it. The only thing that’s holding me back is I know how much work it would be. I’m the slowest writer in the entire world, and this next chapter is going to be massive…. *sigh*

Speaking of drabbles and my incessant love for them, I formed a community. gg100 Right now, it’s just a place to showcase my writings, until there’s more members. But hey, I’m cocky enough to think that that’s really all people want to read anyway! πŸ˜‰

And this I found really amusing:

jcd1013’s LJ stalker is mrschimpf!
mrschimpf is stalking you because they heard you are awesome in bed, and they want to find out. They are also deluded!

LiveJournal Username:

LJ Stalker Finder
From Go-Quiz.com

*raises eyebrow*

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22nd May 2004

LNB–Chapter 9

Here’s my bit of story that will most likely be the end of LNB. Gah, I wish I had time to finish it!

It’s pretty stand alone actually, so if you haven’t read the rest of the story, I think you can follow it pretty well. And it’s rough, very rough. There are definitely part I would have slashed/changed if I had had the time. Let me know what you think. (Oh, and it takes place in DC–Jess went down to meet Rory there).

Like Never Before, end of chapter 9

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19th May 2004

things always look better with sleep

*hugs f-list tightly* Have I told you all recently how wonderful you are? You Are Amazing.

Things are going a tiny bit better. Liz got an apartment last night, she’ll be moving out before the end of the month. Knowing that’s it’s inevitable has kinda made it a little easier. And I did tell her that I was sad about it. Hopefully, things will shift to normal again. And I need to get over feeling sorry for myself.

And I’m caught up on my reading! Of course, I understand nothing, but there’s a chance that I won’t fail the test on Friday. Next week’s tests are still debatable. πŸ˜› Still sick of school. Most recent fantasies have involved becoming a hermit in the hills. I can eat lots of Dinty Moore stew and wash in streams. Hey, since I haven’t had water in my apartment for the past two days, I’m almost used to that dirty feeling. πŸ™‚ No, just kidding. Ransacked my friends’ apartment to shower… I love showers. I love water.

And, yes, I did end up watching GG. Still blah. I honestly can’t believe that they pulled such a rating stunt. LL were cute, I’ll grant you that. And I love the townspeople. I’m hoping that Rory gets completely shunned by them forever.

Everybody’s already said everything… I think we’re all disgusted.

A few years ago, Liz and I were overcome with the urge to inflict all of the cast of Dawson’s Creek with a nice STD. One that would cause a great deal of pain and more importantly, make them all infertile… Yep, I’m thinking a nice STD would be just about right…

Well, it’s the end for me. I had agonized how I was going to manage to tape and watch it in my few brief moments of spare time next year, but I’m glad that’s one less thing for me to worry about. πŸ™‚

And to the three people who may have been interested (I already told Marissa), I think it very unlikely that I’ll be finishing Like Never Before. I have no desire to write Rory. None. I know that my Rory is completely different, she’s actually shows some maturity and self-awareness, but it would still require getting into her head and I don’t want to. On top of that, I’m completely stressed out (hmm, didn’t you guys know?) and don’t have the time to devote to it. I feel bad, because I did pretty much have it completely plotted out, but… So for now, it’s shelved. Maybe in a year, I’ll return to it.

I did write out the scene where Rory told Jess that she loved him–I wrote that months ago. It’s still a little fragmented, but if anybody would like to read it and get some kind of (good kind, I promise!) closure, just email me, and I’ll pass it on.

I don’t think I’m entirely done writing for GG. As upset as I’ve been, I do still love the *classic* show. I’ve got some ideas… a story that’s just phone conversations between Luke and Jess… showing Jess moving on and being happy…. how everybody came to Stars Hollow. Lots of Luke/Jess drabbles. Nothing for Rory, except maybe one where everybody spits on her.

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11th May 2004

It’s the same pose. The same hand pose as Rory and Jess’s first kiss as a couple. The same freaking one!!! I think that’s what’s burning me the most, even more than the sickening “My Dean” comment and the suggestions that they’re sleeping together. With DEAN.

I don’t think I’m even watching the finale, not to mention next year. Not even the sweet Java Junkie fluff could tempt me. And I want their ratings to go DOWN. Bastards. The whole bunch of them.

It’s going to be a while before I remember how much I really did love this episode.

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5th May 2004

Gilmore Girls swooning

Just writing to let out a girlish ! Squee!

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13th April 2004

I need that car!

!*$^&%()@)!!! Gilmore Girl spoilers. Don’t read if you enjoyed that piece o’crap ep

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31st March 2004

that rebel boy stole my heart

So Ellie (shirerain) was asking me to tell her about Jess. She had no idea what she was getting into… I thin kI reigned myself in pretty well, all considering!

Of course, I, being the generous friend that I am, had to do a search around the internet looking for the most yummiest pictures that I could find of him and I found this one. Now normally, I would link it and download it and make it my baby, but the site is down and I can’t find it anywhere else! And I have to have it!! Which picture is it? It appears to be one of him at an awards function of some kind, and he’s wearing glasses… Glasses… I have a weakness for guys in glasses… Seriously, I’m drooling so much that my keyboard is going to short circuit. You may be able to find a thumbprint by going to http://www.dogpile.com, typing in Milo Ventimiglia and hitting the IMAGES button…. Top right-hand corner… That’s where I found it.

I need it. I want it.

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30th March 2004

And you’re sure your name is Julia?

I can’t believe that I just did that!

I’ve been in a writing funk for weeks. Haven’t been able to write anything. I’ve been attempting working on LNB and, as usual, it’s been picky and stubborn. Paris didn’t like the way I was taking things, too much peace and teenage novel happiness, so I’ve had to brainstorm for new ideas… I’m starting to get a little worried about it. I have only about four months to get it all done. Once rotations start, I doubt I’ll ever get a chance to work on it again. I’m actually getting “update now!” reviews… new experience that one!

So, after reading bjorks_defender‘s lovely story, Stupid Reasons, I was inspired. One-parters! I love fluffy one-parters, and I haven’t written any since my first, What A Wonderful World. That was over a year ago.

I dug out my sketch that I had done after A Family Matter aired. Too angsty. Couldn’t think of how I could make it happy. And I needed happy.

And last night, an idea came to me, so I went for it…

Never mind that it hints at things that I should never ever write about. Oh, it’s clean as a whistle, no swearing, no nudity (described at least) but this is me, folks, the girl who blushes at everything…

I actually wrote a bedroom scene! You can read it here: One of the Moments

AHHHH!!! I really wish I could find a little rock to hide under right now.

Marissa, this story was for you. A couple of years ago, my best friend and I did this story-writing thing, where we put ourselves as the main character with the “loves of our lives.” I tried writing one with you and Jess, and him comforting you about all the stupid college application stuff, silly and pointless fic to make you laugh, but it didn’t go anywhere… So, instead you get this. I hope you at least enjoy it. πŸ™‚

Oh, and yes, in case, you were wondering, I am back from Guatemala. I’ve been back a week and a half now (sheepish grin). Beautiful place, I loved it so much. Still can’t speak a lick of Spanish, but other than that, it was great. I’m uploading some of my pictures, so I can gush about it all soon!

But I’m horribly behind on commenting to my friends… Sorry if I’ve neglected you!

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21st February 2004

GG Drabble: Cravings

Written for the [info]tv100 Addictions Challenge (I don’t know if I’ll post it there… They didn’t seem to receptive to GG fic.)

Title: Cravings
Words: 100
Characters: Rory/Jess
Adult content: From me?? Well, it’s probably the most sensual that I’ve ever written, but there’s absolutely nothing in it. It’s still on a low PG rating. I blush easy, I guess…

Inspired by Marissa’s (avidtvfan) incredibly lovely drabble… Don’t listen to all of her doubts, I absolutely love it.


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17th February 2004

A Few of my favorite things

Current favorite fics:

GG: Over Time by Elise _starsinhereyes. She just updated it, after I had been so worried that she would never touch it again. LOVE this story. And this chapter is probably one of her best yet.

LOTR: If Wishes Were Elves, Even Fangirls Would Dance by Teanna. This is probably the best “Mary Sue and Elves in Modern Times” stories around. Teanna’s got a thing for The Elf (Legolas) which is evident in her conversations between Legolas and Gimli (my favorite parts). And her original characters are so well written–and I see too much of myself in them. Then add in Nightcrawler from X-Men and you have a story unlike any other!

BtVS: Black and White by Kinkor the Knight. Massive novel-length story that he’s still working on. It’s a sequel to his phenomenal Harsh Legacy Series that he wrote as an alternative Season 6 (and it was so much better than Joss and co should have been getting ideas from him. His stories are sadly overlooked, but they are the best written. He’s got the characters down!

Question for GG fans: How do you think Jess would answer the phone? I’m missing one line for a scene where he responses to a “hello?” I can’t come up with anything! Any suggestions?

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16th February 2004

GG Drabble

I figured I’d better post this before Dean’s return tomorrow and I get so pissed at him that I never want to see him content…

This is part of my “write something besides Rory and Jess” collection.

A Second Chance

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11th January 2004


So many of my thoughts and ideas are just fragments, little wisps of ideas that float into my brain. Invariably, I’ll think up some idea of a story, some part of a relationship that I want to explore. So I sit down and write–and lose it completely after the first paragraph. Writing Like Never Before has been one of the most grueling processes for that very reason, because while I have an outline of my ideas and what I’d like to occur, I still have to fill in… And the fill-in, the fleshing out of the ideas into sentences and paragraphs can take me months, many of them sitting in front of my computer in completely frustration because I can’t get out the words that are there. So often, I feel like an amateur sculptor, staring at a blob of clay, seeing what it could look like, but never knowing how to get it out.

Perhaps that’s why I like drabbles so much. I read other people’s and I’m inspired… They’re short, just 100 words wrapped around one moment, where I strive to express as much as possible. I can put down my fragmented thoughts and somehow get it to say what I want it to–like my drabble about Jess’s leaving and how Luke was dealing–there wasn’t enough in me to make that a complete story, but in a drabble form, I think I got down pretty much what I wanted.

I’m not a person who thinks poetically–there’s too much of the scientist in me, but with drabbles, I can come close. Lately, I think I’ve been thinking in drabbles… cutting out words, rearranging phrases, finding words that get just the right meaning. I think I verge on the sentimental a little more than I would like, but I think the form forgives that.

And I try to experiment more with drabbles than with any other form. Besides my experimentations with LOTR, right now I’m attempting to write two about Kirk–one a sonnet to LuLu and the other in the viewpoint of Cat Kirk… And it’s so hard!! I have a hard time writing humor, but I hope that playing around with this will give me some practice. I’ve tried writing different couples than I normally do (hence the Kirk and LuLu)… but as hard as I try, I cannot write Tristan–I wanted a Tristan/Paris one and considered exploring one about Rory from Tristan’s viewpoint, but it’s no use. I just can’t get inside of that character, he’s so foreign to me.

So here’s a couple more that I’ve been playing with. Same theme: lost cause, first one is slightly AU.

More GG Drabbles

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9th January 2004

Drabble: Gilmore Girls

Still working on compiling all of these, but I thought I’d post a couple.

Theme: Lost causes

Lost Causes Drabbles

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