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16th February 2004

GG Drabble

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I figured I’d better post this before Dean’s return tomorrow and I get so pissed at him that I never want to see him content…

This is part of my “write something besides Rory and Jess” collection.

A Second Chance

He noticed her first at a pickup basketball game. She played point guard, running back and forth, bouncing the ball smoothly to her teammates.

An open shot. The ball glided from her arched fingertips and swooshed gracefully into the basket.

Sweat gleamed on her forehead. She was the first girl he thought beautiful since Rory.

Their romance was a whirlwind and he was in love. A mere four months later, a week before they graduated, he proposed on one knee. Lindsey accepted with an ecstatic kiss.

They married, and he was happy, and Rory, he left behind with high school.

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  • I think it works.

    After this week’s episode, the show should be “Everybody Loves Rory”.

    This whole Rory/Jess thing, and him telling her now: She hasn’t seen him. There was lack of closure. They need to get it out in the open so they can move past it. But Dean is married for God’s sake and he’s still pining for her.

    • admin says:


      It’s just that… He decided to marry, right after high school. And I’m suppose to feel sorry for him for rushing things and being an idiot and first of all proposing then marrying someone else when he still carried feelings. Sorry, buddy, he had more chances to get out if he really was unhappy that I’ve just don’t have any sympathy.

      And then, you add on that he’s duller than a toothpick, and Julia gets cranky.

      Oh, hey, I was browsing on the s-h.org site, and you said something about getting Jess clips if I had a yahoo ID. Could I get them? My id is jcd1013. Bet you didn’t guess that one!

      • I’ll add you in a bit, but I’m being told that it’s not working.

        Go to http://briefcase.yahoo.com/rissy25 and http://briefcase.yahoo.com/avidtvfan2000 later tonight.

      • I’ve added you. Most people say it doesn’t work though, but one did. Can you check for me?

        • admin says:

          It just says that the folder(s) are empty. Nothing else.

          • Yeah. That’s what I thought.

            I don’t know how to do it. Do you know how to “share your briefcase with friends”? I’ve followed the steps (which were just to simply add you).

            • admin says:

              Hmm. I went and explored a little bit.

              First tell me if you can access my files: http://in.f2.pg.briefcase.yahoo.com/jcd1013. I put in both avidtvfan and rissy25 as friends. There should be two files.

              Here’s what I discovered. When you click on “Share with Friends” link (or the Edit Settings link) and then it says to pick the top level that you want to share, they’re wrong, you have to click on the folder that your files are in. (In my case, it was “My Documents.” Then, you have to make sure that you actually click on the little (it’s called a radio button) button, I discovered that it’s not enough just to enter the names. 🙂 And then save it. When I went back to the my Folders page, “Shared With Friends” was written by the side.

              Tell me if it works, or if my instructions are so convoluted that they are impossible to figure out.

              • It works!

                I’ve fixed mine too. Go ahead.

                • admin says:


                  They’re downloading right now. You know what I think my favorite part is? Where he bites his lip just before he tells her… Man, I could just kiss him there.

                  And I guess you get a sneak peak at my next chapter of LNB. Congratulations, you get to witness the randomness that is Julia when she writes! Unless of course, you want to be patient and wait another week/month, and get the whole thing. Personally, I’d take the second route, save yourself the agony, but since I’m not making any progress on the story until I figure out how to play Everquest online, well, it’s a crap shoot.

                  • Oh, hey. I didn’t even notice. (Didn’t click the files.)
                    I’m running now.

                    • admin says:

                      Thank you, thank you, thank you for the clips!!! They look really good too, it must have taken ages to get them. But now I can have Jess any time I want.

                      You know what I decided? The boy definitely needs more baby blue in his wardrobe. That sweatshirt, with its funky painted over/duct taped whatever, just did something to him.

                      Aw man, long absences like this are not good for a girl, because then he comes back and all I can see is his hotness and then I sound like I’m in permanent “drool” mode.

                    • You know that the second one is “avidtvfan2000” not “avidtvfan”, right? Most of the clips in that one are from A Family Matter, unless otherwise designated.

                      I loved the duct tape. It was such a nice touch. I wouldn’t be surprised if Milo thought of it hmself.

                      Is it sad that a small part of me wants the show to end next season so they can get Milo back to wrap up the last few episodes?

  • :-/

    You asked: (I don’t like the ending)

    It was a few months later that he started to panic he was forgetting things about her. He wouldn’t even be thinking of her, and then suddenly he couldn’t exactly remember where on her face lay that freckle he’d been fond of, which side she’d part her hair, or—dear God—the feel of his hand grazing the small of her back. On a sandy beach or that bus between Denver and Chicago, suddenly a feeling so physical would rush through him he’d break out in a sweat, gasping. Would he ever want to get rid of her haunting him?

    • admin says:

      Marissa, this was fabulous. I knew that there were more stories inside of you, wanting to come out.

      There’s just so much here that I’m still tasting. How this fear of forgetting her was worse than her being in his thoughts. And I loved the ending. All along he’s pretended that what he wants is escape, but it’s not the truth… He still needs her. And I like how you alluded to his life away from Stars Hollow… and his return back (the line about the bus between Denver and Chicago, I almost missed the first time, what you were saying).

      I definitely should ask more often!

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