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5th May 2004

Gilmore Girls swooning

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Just writing to let out a girlish !

Gilmore Girls was just about perfect. Very little Dean means a very happy Julia. Luke was so so so sweet through the whole thing. he’s been so grumpy that it was just wonderful. Liz and Luke were great–such affection, it made me swoon. Sookie and Jackson were cute, I’ve missed seeing them together.

And then there was Jess. I lack the words right now to talk about Jess… I am so in love. His hair! His talk with Luke! His everything!!!!

I am suddenly overcome with an urge to write more Luke/Jess interaction stories. Hmmm…. Anybody have caps yet?

To bed.

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  • If I have time tomorrow afternoon, I can make some caps.

    I loved it. It was awesome.

    By the way, I really am going to review LNB… The 1251 word review I left for Shivery today totally drained me though.

  • Woo, Julia! GG made me squeal with excitement too. It made me want to open Photoshop or Word or something, which is an impulse I haven’t had in a while with this show.

    My only complaint: Gee, Lindsay and Dean having marriage troubles? Thanks for telling us! Maybe he’ll pine after Rory some more!

    And Marissa? You are an overachiever to the core. 1251 words?!

    • admin says:

      I know!! I’ve been undulated (I think that’s the right word) with ideas for short stories all week. Mostly Jess and Luke stuff and most of it will probably be drabbles. But it’s nice to be inspired.

      As for Dean and Lindsey, the line that irritated me the most was Rory’s: “Maybe they’ll work things out.” Um, hello, this isn’t like they’re dating and with one spat all deals are off. Most people do try to work problems out in marriage! And it certainly wasn’t a “well, that’s it, this marriage is over” kind of fight… This Dean plotline is seriously going to be the death of my affection for GG.

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