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30th June 2004


My Best Friend is shirerain
Our 34 common interests are: billy boyd, books, boromir, castles, david wenham, elijah wood, fantasy, fellowship of the ring, finding nemo, frodo baggins, geek!elijah, gilmore girls, harry potter, hobbiton, hobbits, hugh jackman, ithilien, jrr tolkien, legolas greenleaf, lord of the rings, loreena mckennitt, middle earth, music, mythology, peter jackson, pippin, reading, return of the king, sirius black, stars, the grey havens, the ocean, the two towers, writing
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30th June 2004

There and Back Again

I am sooooo loving my week off!! Just got back from North Carolina… Had a wonderful time, hanging out with Sam and her boyfriend and her roommate. Fort Bragg was not quite like I expected, but then I’m always surprised by new places. It wasn’t as hot and humid as Sam had threatened–but then it rained most of the time, keeping it pretty cool. She showed me her new place that she’s moving into in a week, and it made me go lusty. It’s a real house–two stories, with enough rooms that a vagabond could take a room downstairs and they’d never even realize it. And it has a patio, and living room and formal sitting room, with hardwood floors. I’m so in love with it–I want a real house so badly, with a real sofa–no more apartments. I’m thinking about doing my family practice rotation there, and Sam’s offered to let me stay with her… It would be so fantastic.

Didn’t meet all of the cute boys that Sam promised me. No, I take that back. I did meet a few, but they were very inebriated (I have no idea how they managed to drive themselves to the bar) and maybe I am a prude, but I prefer to be remembered for at least a few minutes… And, really, the military haircut looks good on very few. The uniform–hot. Crewcuts–not so much.

But I’m off again in an hour. My parents and I are going camping for a few days up in Wyoming. We haven’t been on a family vacation in years, and neither of my sisters could get work off, so it’s just the three of us. We’re just wandering over the state, exploring some of the mountains that we’ve missed. It’ll be nice and relaxing… I tend to write on vacations, so I’m bringing along a notebook and my drabble book. Here’s hoping that LNB manages to find its way to paper!


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25th June 2004


For better or worse, the test is done. It was hard, really hard with lots of stuff that I hadn’t even considered studying. And I was extremely tired, since I slept poorly last night, worrying that I didn’t know enough. I have no idea how I did. Some I felt good about–others, I couldn’t even eliminate one choice. Chris thinks he failed. I just hope I didn’t. πŸ™‚

Off to North Carolina in four hours, and I haven’t packed!

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20th June 2004


Just a note to let you know I won’t be around for the next week. Right now, with only five days left, there’s absolutely no way that I’ll be passing the test, much less doing well enough to get me into a good residency. So my studying is being bumped to about 15 hours a day and I’ll be a frantic hermit. I’m about three steps away from a glorified breakdown as it is…

I hate this. So much. I’m starting to have nightmares–my kind, where I don’t hear my alarm clock and sleep in and miss the test. where I forget to leave my cell phone outside and they tell me I can’t take the test, and where I have names of drugs running over and over in my head.

I’ve neglected all of you horribly lately, I hope you can all be patient and forgive me. {{{{HUGS}}}}} to all. You are all so amazing that just knowing that you guys are cheering me on gives me happiness.

Okay, back to the books. I can use all the good luck, wishes, karma, prayers that you are willing to send my way. πŸ™‚

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15th June 2004

I’m failing this test…

Two weeks of studying all day, every day. I’ve read the entire review book, gone back and filled in missing information. Rememorized the Kreb cycle, found out that patients with sickle cell disease are more prone to infections with Salmonella in their bones, tried to learn the side effects of a whole bunch of drugs. Et cetera, et cetera, et cetera.

And it’s not doing any good.

I’ve been taking practice tests for the past two days. And getting around 60%–which was about what I was doing before I started the studying schedule. Today’s: 50%. Fifty percent! I’m doing worse than before!

Example question:

An obese patient is brought into the emergency room in shock and in need of intravenous fluids. No superficial veins can be seen or palpated. The emergency room physician decides to make an incision to locate the great saphenous vein for the insertion of a cannula (“saphenous cutdown”). In which of the following locations should the incision be made?

A. Anterior to the lateral malleolus

B. Anterior to the medial malleolus

C. On the dorsum of the foot, lateral to the extensor hallucis longus tendon

D. Posterior to the lateral malleolus

E. Posterior to the medial malleolus

Answer is B. Missing it is not the bad part (I thought it was D). The bad part is I didn’t even know where the medial malleolus was! I thought it was the knee. No, It’s the bony part of the ankle. And though I know it’s foreign to anyone who hasn’t taken anatomy–it really is a basic concept in anatomy, one that I should have known.

Yeah, this is good.

10 days… I am so screwed.

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15th June 2004

Update on “The Saga”

Chris emailed M—- this morning and got back an email that said she had already talked to Dr. B— and admitted her error of “laziness.” So it looks like we won’t have to do another paper and there’s no hard feelings or uncomfortableness. I am relieved. I hate thinking that people are out to get me–and at least in this case, it looks like an honest (although pathetically stupid) misunderstanding.

Spent most of the evening tracking down new icons. I’m like Oliver!–I want more, sir! I’ve got another dozen that I couldn’t use, and I keep thinking of more that I want. The Simpsons–I keep thinking I would die to have an animated one of “Lisa the Tree Hugger” and the five-star vegetarian or one of Homer and Maggie, Get Fuzzy, or Calvin n Hobbes for humor. Some more Anne ones. A pen and quill. Maybe a Harry Potter drawing, etc, etc, etc. Yes, folks this is how Julia procrastinates studying how the complement system works.

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11th June 2004

And the guilt just keeps coming…

Parents were here. My great uncle died (I barely know him; we stayed once at his house when I was about 8) and they were in town to go to the funeral. Went out to dinner with them, where my mom reminded me that it was my dad’s birthday–two days ago!

I am slime.

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11th June 2004

Excuse me while I scream

This truly ranks as one of the worst days ever.

Gotta rant, and it’s long

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10th June 2004

GG Drabble–Forms of Carbon

I actually wrote something GG related! I’m still completely unable to channel Rory and right now, trying to write Jess is a little painful, so instead, I wrote this. Comments are always appreciated! πŸ™‚

Title: Forms of Carbon
Word Count: 100
Characters: Lindsay, peripherally Dean
Adult Content: Not really
Author Notes: After the season 4 finale (spoilers). I tried to make it symbolic. I think I failed. πŸ™‚

Forms of Carbon

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9th June 2004

Oh really?

I am soooooooooo sick of studying. I hate it all. I don’t care if I fail. I really don’t. It’s not worth it.

How it’s been: Wake up before 8 and let Chris in. Read. Read some more. Start to fall asleep. Wake self up. Eat. Read. Throw book across room in frustration and boredom. Take test. Do awful. Fall asleep. Wake up, feel guilty. Read more. Last night, I was up until 1 studying. Not tonight. Tonight, I slacked off. I shall pay tomorrow.

I’ve been distracting myself by writing GG drabbles. Yep, I can’t get away from the fandom. Today I got the loveliest review on LNB that is making me want to get it out and just finish it. The only thing that’s holding me back is I know how much work it would be. I’m the slowest writer in the entire world, and this next chapter is going to be massive…. *sigh*

Speaking of drabbles and my incessant love for them, I formed a community. gg100 Right now, it’s just a place to showcase my writings, until there’s more members. But hey, I’m cocky enough to think that that’s really all people want to read anyway! πŸ˜‰

And this I found really amusing:

jcd1013’s LJ stalker is mrschimpf!
mrschimpf is stalking you because they heard you are awesome in bed, and they want to find out. They are also deluded!

LiveJournal Username:

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*raises eyebrow*

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