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28th May 2004


It is official! Julia has passed her second year of medical school!!!!

I’m so excited! No more finals. No more classes with droning teachers. None. It’s rather weird, actually. For the past 19 years of my life, that’s what I’ve done. Gone to school. Sat in classes. Listened to teachers. Taken tests. And now, it’s a shift from theoretical to the practical–I’ll be learning from patients and doctors in a hands-on version for the rest of my life. Wow.

I’ve always been weird–I hate the last day of classes. As much as the first day of class. Mostly because it represents this abrupt change in my life that I have no control over. And I loathe change. So, now I’m feeling this bittersweet feeling because, it is over, and I can’t get that part of my life back again. I won’t be seeing my classmates as a group until fourth year. Honestly, someone could drop out and I wouldn’t even know it. It’s a weird sensation–I’ve spent so much time with these people and now, I’ll only see the six people who share my rotation. It makes me sad.

I start board study tomorrow. 😛 I guess things don’t change THAT much.

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