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13th April 2004

I need that car!

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There was a time when I’d finish an episode of Gilmore Girls and be supremely happy. Giddy even.

Tonight. Not so much. I hate it when my shows jump the sharks.

Belive me, if I could find ASP’s car, I’d kick it and be happy to be in jail, right next to Luke.

Grrrrr. Now, I’m retching and I certainly haven’t had anything to drink!!

These stupid writers. Give it up. Dean is BORING and STUPID and it was a long time ago!!!!

I can’t stand this. I’m not sure that I can even watch next week’s episode. I hate to think that I’m at the point where I’m only watching to see jess return, but I think I am.

One good thing… Nate, I was thinking of your story of how Paris decided to go to California because it wasn’t cold there… This reminded me of that. ๐Ÿ™‚ I hope you at least enjoyed it!

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  • Sorry to hear you didn’t like the episode Julia. For me the high part was all the Rory/Paris friendship, but it just died whenever we had to see Jason’s face on the screen, Lorelai’s plot just fell flat. And if Louise wants Dean so much, why doesn’t she lure him out to NOLA and have her way with him? Rory is so over Dean, I hated that part.

    And yes, this definitely spoke to my B&R side when she said “Florida’s warm”. Also helped I got to see Liza in a wet tank top as she stripped down after the rain *g*.

    • admin says:

      Okay, thanks for letting me see the rational side of things…

      There was much that I enjoyed in the eppy (the last few minutes just made me forget that!). The Joseph Campbell marathon was perfect, so in character. I laughed so hard at that. Rory telling Paris that she was crazy and that of course Asher still enjoyed being with her was great. Yes, i loved the friendship between the two a lot… they were actually friends and it felt good between them–the kiss was a little on the bizarre side, just felt like a ploy, like bring Madeline and Louise back did too (although they made me laugh). But the friendship part was great. You know what a big fan I am of the friendship between them, and I love that we see them and they are acting like real roommates too.

      And I loved the opening scene with Kirk. I laughed really hard at that.

      It was the Dean thing, and the drinking and the dumb joking about drinking (the thing with Glenn just was not funny). And the Dean thing, and the Dean commercial (oh gag me. Theirs was not “a love to last forever.”) that made me see red.

      I’m calmer now. mayb when I rewatch it with my sister, I’ll see more of the happy stuff.

      Thanks, friend. ๐Ÿ™‚

      • Actually I thought the kiss was a perfect example of Paris’ flighty mind. She was high on everything that went with spring break, her and Rory were having a ball without being at each other’s throats, so when the opportunity presented herself, Paris weighed everything Mads and Lou told her, and thought that the kiss was the perfect way to express her wildness at spring break. Next time though, she should let Rory know beforehand ;).

        That was also very refreshing that the writers for once didn’t decide that they needed ‘one big thing’ (aka a Francie or guy argument) to keep them pissed at each other until the end of the episode. Once they cut to the next scene from the kiss and came back from commercial, both of them along with Madeline and Louise were laughing about it over punch. Shows that they’ve decided to make the two girls mature in their friendship.

        And yes, there’s nothing like a nice humorous jab at Alexis’ weight in real life like that beginning scene, where once ‘fat’ Rory and Lorelai get off the cart Kirk can ride just fine. His ‘freshmen fifteen’ crack had me in stiches and it was a great way to start the whole episode.

        Glenn did ruin the last Rory/Paris scene, but I edited that out in my mind. Yes, you’re not going to confuse Alexis and Liza with real life floozie drunks anytime soon, but they did fine despite, and it’s good to see Liza able to let Paris relax once in awhile in her delivery. I so want an gif avy of Rory and Paris rolling in their beds at the hotel, BTW.

        Dean and Digger should just be taken off the show. The Lindsay thing is stupid and clearly everyone is bored with Jason, who doesn’t realize he has Lorelai “Hot Mom” Gilmore sleeping with him while he takes 933 cell calls a day. Without them, the episode would be perfect, but instead I give it a 90%.

  • *shrug*

    I thought it was cute. Probably because I was expecting to hate it.

    Lorelai/Jason was very snore, though.

    Luke was the highlight.

  • See, I find that if you just forget that GG used to be really good, it all seems better.

    The Dean plot is getting really old. I know that Rory is supposed to be all perfect and innocent, but to only ever have two guys in her life is pushing it a little.

    I liked the Rory/Paris bits, found the spring break amusing, enjoyed Luke’s temper tantrum, and remembered that Jess shall soon come back so the writers can reinvent the LTFH, presumably.

    • admin says:

      At one time, I liked Dean. Not a raving fan, but I was as fond of him as I was other town members. The affection had started to fade before Jess arrived. And this past season, I’ve positively hated him. I’ve hated how they married him off and now all he does is long. He’s the most pathetic character I’ve ever seen. I just don’t understand the motivation of bringing his character back…

      You know most people when they graduate do leave high school behind and move on. And I mean it for Rory too. I really wish we’d see her living up college life and making friends and becoming a mature adult. But that doesn’t look likely. At least not this season.

      Last night’s episode made me happy enough to forgive ASP and Co for a few of their blunders this year. A few. ๐Ÿ™‚ Maybe there’s a chance they can redeem their old glory days of greatness.

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