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21st February 2004

GG Drabble: Cravings

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Written for the [info]tv100 Addictions Challenge (I don’t know if I’ll post it there… They didn’t seem to receptive to GG fic.)

Title: Cravings
Words: 100
Characters: Rory/Jess
Adult content: From me?? Well, it’s probably the most sensual that I’ve ever written, but there’s absolutely nothing in it. It’s still on a low PG rating. I blush easy, I guess…

Inspired by Marissa’s (avidtvfan) incredibly lovely drabble… Don’t listen to all of her doubts, I absolutely love it.


After he left, she developed classic symptoms of withdrawal. Her skin itched, where his touch had often rested—the inside of her wrist, the top of her hip, the nape of her neck. Her lips burned from the absence of his. And her mind protested the loss of his stimulating opinion.

Hope blurred to obsession. Every voice was his, every dark head, every slouched walk.

She never intended to go cold turkey, losing him abruptly, leaving her with might have been. How was she to go on?

Perhaps this was love defined, an addiction that one never quite got over.

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  • There’s something awfully romantic about a connection two people make that can’t be broken, ever. No matter where they are, in their lives, or in the country. And there’s something even more touching about not wanting to break that connectin.

    I particularly like your specific word choice, for example, where she remembers him touching her. It’s tender yet incredibly intimate, wrist, hip, neck…

    I’ve been reading a lot of poetry today, and you’ve reminded me of a Pablo Neruda poem

    • admin says:

      Wow. That poem was just… wow. The man knows how to do sensual.

      Thanks! I’ve never beeen able to see Rory and Jess’s relationship just ending after high school (even if he hadn’t fled), that there was something real between them, pure love, that maybe they only recognized after his departure. I guess it’s why I ‘ship them so devotely, where I can’t even think to put them with other people. The romantic in me, I guess.

      • That’s the thing; For each other, they were both Firsts.

        Rory had never followed her heart… She had this connection/spark with Jess… and it couldn’t be denied. It was just so nagging.

        And Jess was never able to admit that he cared about someone… I bet his “I love you” to her was not only the first time saying it, but she’s the first person he’s ever loved… at least for awhile.

  • “Every voice was his”… Oh, just beautiful.

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