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9th January 2004

Drabble: Gilmore Girls

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Still working on compiling all of these, but I thought I’d post a couple.

Theme: Lost causes


Signs of Jess lingered—forgotten toothbrush and patented hair-gel in the bathroom, dirty shirts in the hamper, scattered CDs of grunge bands.

The apartment stood empty, devoid of loud music and strewn novels, a neatly made bed in the corner. If only that corner could become a wall again and memories could wink out of existence, with no reminders of how he failed his nephew. But that was foolish and Luke was never foolish.

He shipped Jess’s belongings priority. Things went back to normal, but he kept a box of sugared cereal, just in case Jess decided to come home.


She skipped when she walked.

Not consciously, no. She had a new book she was reading, she eagerly told him. The DaVinci Code. And as she explained the theories of wombs, love and divinity encoded into art, her feet betrayed her excitement of newfound knowledge by hopping—a quick, small leap—and she swung their linked hands forward in an arch.

It was moments like these that Jess knew he was lost. Her body would divulge such passion and fervor and yet she remained so beguiling innocent—a siren never before encountered. And he crashed on her rocks and drowned.

“Currently Untitled”

She had always been a sulky child. Most of Emily’s memories consisted of forcing on darling frocks of pinks and frills, pulling combs through ratty hair, tying ribbons around tangles—and a tear-stained face that sullenly greeted her parents’ friends.

Her husband spoiled the child, when he was home. As his business grew, so did his absences from home, and proportionally Lorelai’s misbehavior.

By Lorelai’s thirteenth year, Emily had lost control. Pretenses were kept up in public, but alone, all interactions terminated in shouts.

The night Lorelai left, baby in arms, Emily wondered exactly when she had lost her daughter.

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  • Uh. Wow?


    Your prose in LNB is very poetic, but these drabbles. These and the ones posted on ff.net. You’re given this opportunity to make a statement with so few words, and you do it beauiful. The fact that you can convey so much about a character in them:

    Luke’s feeling of guilt (“failing his nephew”), Jess’ fear of breaking Rory’s innocense (who is he to be with this girl?), Emily’s estranged-ness with Lorelai…

    I hope you share more of these with us.

  • “And he crashed on her rocks and drowned.”

    Wow, Julia, you are so amazing. Beautiful. I’m addicted to your drabbles. You do such a wonderful job conveying so much emotion and meaning in only 100 words.

  • It was moments like these that Jess knew he was lost.

    I could drown in your words. These were beautiful, and I hope you’ll share more with us in the future.

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