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9th January 2004

For the lotr100 honesty challenge

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Title: Deliverance
Word count: 100
Adult content/slash: no
Notes: For the Honesty challenge and the apparent Dying!Boromir theme going on…

His body riddled with arrows, Boromir waited for death. He had not intended to end his life this way: suffused in guilt for betraying bonds of fellowship, atoning the shame by protecting kin of the one he deceived — and failing.

Perhaps if he, in Lorien, had spoken to Aragorn about that which piercing starry eyes had revealed in his heart—a loathsome lure becoming more difficult to resist; a fear of losing himself to desire—this fate might have been avoided.

Deliverance came too late, but in the form of the warrior he would have called king, he found forgiveness.

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