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28th March 2005


Maybe it was the National Geographic on the coffee table about the solar system. Or pretty pictures like this from the Hubble spacecraft that make my mouth gape in wonder. Or the fact that I’ve rediscovered my love for ST:Voyager and it’s making me nostalgic (how much nostalgia can one of 26 really have before it become pathological?) and I’m exposing that geeky side…

But I really really want a telescope. Not a big fancy one (yet), but one that if I squinted, I could pretend that I was seeing the rings around Saturn.

I don’t suppose any of my illustrious friends out there know anything about telescopes? *wistful* Yeah, it’s a long shot.


Started a new rotation today. Psychiatry. I’m still a little too disturbed to start sharing the funny stories. When my attending starting telling me about our patients–the one that they had to so heavily sedate because he attacks everybody, or the one who wouldn’t eat anything because she was convinced that we were feeding her our children, or the one, in for a suicidal attempt and talks about how she watched her mother raped and murdered in front of her eyes and then was raped by her uncle at 6… Not to mention those with the sexual disinhibitions. And on and on. Within minutes, I was wide-eyed and twelve again, the small-town girl caught in big-city traffic.

It might be a long six weeks.


On a good note–I did *finally* mange to meet up with the Neurology guy who I’ve wanted to be my advisor! We got a schedule for fourth year cobbled together (I may not have ruined my chances for residency after all!) and right after, I ran into the other doctor that I’m hoping to get a letter of recommendation from (yes, I ended the sentence with a preposition–whatcha going to do about it?!). After weeks of not getting ahold of anybody, everything is starting to come together. Whee!

P.S. A big big welcome and hug to my latest friend donnazita who ironically, is my oldest e-friend. We met 6 (no way!) years ago because of a a just-becoming known actor, Ewan McGregor, and our love for him was the building bridge to our friendship.

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20th March 2005

Nine Voyager icons

Well, instead of studying and writing the paper that was due on Friday, I made icons. 😉

Voyager – P/T, Belanna, Seven

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16th March 2005


I’m listening to every sappy song in my music collection. Including “I Know You by Heart” by Eva Cassidy and “The Merry Widow Waltz,” from my favoritest opera.

Why? Well, lean in closer and I’ll tell you a secret.

Chris just got back from Hong Kong and Japan. I’ve missed him so much–our schedules have been different for so long that I only see him once a week, if that, but not even being able to pick up the phone and call him when I was having an extremely bad day (and with my intern problems and the latest strings of disappointments, well, bad only begins to describe it), yeah that was tough.

He had a wonderful time–ate all kinds of exotic foods, saw the sights, and got engaged in front of a Buddhist temple outside of Hiroshima!

That’s right! My best friend proposed to his girlfriend of two years! No ring, but he did it because it just felt right. I’m unbelievably, fantabulously giddy about this. This is the guy, who two years ago, when he was just starting to date her (and just when we were starting to get to know each other) argued with me for a hour about how marriage was a ridiculous method that churches used to mess in the business of government, and that he couldn’t see himself wanting to be with the same person for 40 or 50 years. I’m so glad to see him change.

I had no idea he was planning on doing it (I don’t think that he knew it either!). I mean, I knew better than anybody how much he cared for her. The rest of my med school class might have thought he was dating me, but I was the one who saw how positively mushy he was with her. And he’s talked about waiting to do couples match for residency with her.. but you don’t have to be married for that.

But, now, I get to wheedle and beg to be the best man! How cool is that?


(BTW, this is exactly how he told me. I heard all about the different types of noodles he ate and the different japanese phrases he learned, before he slipped it in. I thought he was teasing me!)

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5th March 2005

Sticks and Stones – Lit Fiction Exchange

Literati Fiction Exchange

To Include:
– some type of problem in Rory/Jess’s relationship either being resolved or being explored b/c it can’t be resolved.
– dialogue about some random detail of the setting they’re in…i.e. “that clock on the wall” “this carpeting” “how the sun reflects off the wall”…anything.
– a book reference that isn’t often mentioned.
Not to Include:
– Jess crying (almost is fine if it happens to work that way *shrug*)…(I’m sorry, it’s just…a thing…I have…about writing Jess. Now, at least, lol. =$)
Rating: anything is fine *nods* …not NC-17? =P

A/N: Special thanks to Becka for the application of the whip to make sure I finished this. She’s the bestest! Please review!

Sticks and Stones

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1st March 2005

What does this say about me?

For the past six, seven, eight months, I’ve had a little *something* for a guy at my church. I would love to think that at 26, I’m old enough to be beyond crushes, but apparently not. This has had all of those classic symptoms: hyperawareness of every person he’s talking to (especially anyone who’s of the female persuasion), non-stop blabbering with any conversation, waking up just a little bit earlier to make sure I put on contacts and mascara (yes, there is a girl buried deep inside!).

Yeah. I’m smitten. With yet another Matt. *shakes head*

Tonight, while working on my presentation for tomorrow and watching The Amazing Race, I flipped channels and watched an old, favorite episode of M*A*S*H, where Hawkeye and Trapper pull yet another prank on Frank. It’s an early episode, I think from the first season, and one that I’ve probably seen a dozen times.

And it hit me, just before they switched to commercials. When he smiles, Matt looks exactly like a (much much!) younger version of Alan Alda. Spitting image, down to the cocky brow raise.

Disturbing. I think I’ve even squished me out.

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