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16th July 2008

that was a first

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Within a half hour, I was asked to dinner and threatened with a lawsuit ….by the same patient.

I talked him out of both.

I haven’t received any of my mail since I got back from vacation and was getting really, really perturbed at the Post Office for stealing my mail.

Until I checked the hold notice, and noted the delivery date is July 21st. It’s not as fun getting pissed off at yourself. *sigh*

I have the morning off tomorrow (this clinic life is so sweet. Well, except yesterday when I was there until aft 7:30 doing notes. Then it was not so sweet). I’m planning on celebrating by sleeping in and making myself breakfast.

And, finally, PSA:

Do yourself a favor, click on the picture and enjoy the awesomeness that is Dr. Horrible, Joss Whedon’s mad scientist creation. I finally got to see it (the site has been overloaded for days) and it’s amazing and the most entertaining half hour that I’ve had in a long time. The last episode will be posted on Saturday, and then it’ll come down on Sunday, so you’d better act quickly!

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  • *shakes head* That patient sure sounds weird!

    Hmm… I wonder if you have the time to take a look at one of my stories because I need a little bit of medical background if I want to continue the relevant piece? Pretty please?

  • How weird. We were both in Utah at the same time and the post office still has all my mail too. Their hours are so early and retarded that we can’t go to sign for our mail to be released until Saturday and there’s packages and things (and I hate waiting!).

    Hope you had a good time! (It was kinda hot when I was there- Stayed alot in Provo and Nephi outside Salt Lake)

  • Anonymous says:

    Dr. Horrible is lovely

    I just saw Dr. Horrible on Hulu and LOVED it. Very Joss. I laughed out loud in many places and actually got teary in another. I didn’t enjoy the explicit sexual references, so I don’t feel comfortable recommending it on my own blog (i.e. to parents and in-laws) but it was one of the most enjoyable 45 minutes I’ve had in a long time. SPE

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