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18th March 2022

Help Julia Paint Her House

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Painting the house has been high on my list of must-dos since I bought the house – the wood is starting to warp and really, really needs a protective coating over it, or I’m going to have to replace all of the siding, which I’m not eager to do quite yet.

As a reminder, this is how my house is painted now (minus the replaced siding).

I don’t know what color it has faded to, but muddy pink brown is not my favorite.
And it’s faded unevenly as well.

I finally found a company to paint. They’ll be coming in June, but as there’s all of these world-wide supply issues, I need to be picking out colors soon.

I’m a very indecisive person. After much (so much) hemming and hawing, I finally decided on an ocean blue with white trim and sunny yellow door: something that would remind you of the sea on a perfect day. Something similar to this:

Only with a brighter, sunnier yellow door. Isn’t that cute?

However, when I went to get paint samples, they recommended very strongly not using those brilliant shades of blue on exteriors because they’ll fade within a year wherever there is sunlight and I have very uneven sunlight. Instead, they recommended “historical paint colors” that keep their colors better. Which are duller, at least on the paint chip.

So I got three samples to try out on stock paper and on the side of my house when it stops raining: a light blue, a mediumish fern green (which is lighter than I thought), and a dark purple just to see if I wanted to go dark.

I honestly thought it was going to be a decision between the less vibrant blue and the comfortable green. And then I painted the purple on my sample boards and it’s this vibrant, gorgeous color that made my heart go pitter patter.

Here’s the light blue called Emily, with white trim and a yellow door. Not quite the “sea on a sunny day” but not terrible either.

Basically the original thought, only with a lighter and a little more muted blue. The blue does look more sky blue when dried.
I’m not sure about the white, to be honest. I think it’s all too pale.

There is a little bit darker blue called Meeting House, but I haven’t gotten that as a sample (yet). But it might be closer to my original vision:

The light blue and the dark purple are a nice contrast. I’m not certain about the yellow door with the blue and purple.

Historic light blue with dark purple trim and blue door
With the purple door

The green, Viscaya, is a little lighter than I thought it was going to be, but it’s a really comforting fern green that goes well with the surroundings. The yellow doesn’t go at all with the green, so no sunny yellow door here. I think it needs a darker trim; white looks ridiculous, so I could go for the purple trim. Or a darker green or grey.

And finally. Purple. Dark, vibrant, gorgeous purple. It’s called Plum Island. I could do green trim or white.

Just look at this rich purple!
Oh gosh, I love it so.

I’ve also explored painting the windows that jut out a different color. Or the living room that slants off.

Or maybe this half?

The colors are from Miller Paint, a local paint company. Light blue – Emily #ABD1E1; medium blue – Meeting House #739DAD; green – Viscaya #7B9E98; white – Shell Tint #ECF0E9; and yellow – Lemon Zest #FFF1A5.

What do you think? What has your vote?

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