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16th November 2011

purple puppies

I spent 2.5 hours on the phone with my friend and old roommate Sam tonight. We haven’t talked in months, really. She’s my lawyer friend, who just started doing loan modifications and home loss mitigation law, so she’s been sending me all of the links to Wisconsin real estate laws so that I can fight my mortgage company, while I’ve been feeding her medical information on how to read an MRI report. Fun times, being adults.

Anyway, by the end of the conversation, I was craving enchiladas and mint chocolate chip ice cream. And wishing that I had taken pictures of our old stone coffee table. So instead, I settled for a cuddle with this:

(A sneak peak at the pics of my apartment that eventually I’ll take and post here).

I’m not necessarily homesick tonight, more “college sick”. It’s quite amazing, really, to think that I graduated from college 10 years ago, a DECADE ago; almost 15 years since I met these people who I call friends but who live as family in my heart. It feels like yesterday, when we were sitting in our little apartment, eating enchiladas directly from the pan, while peeping toms were looking through the window (seriously, how did we live in such a getto place?).

My dear Susan is coming to visit me this weekend (she flies in tomorrow, but because of work, I won’t be seeing her until Saturday). We’re going to have 4 whole days together, just me and her, like it was in the old days, pre kids, pre med school, pre marriage, pre foreclosure threat, pre electricity and running water. Superduper excited. 🙂

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27th May 2009

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New York = fabulous.


I conquered NYC. And managed to do it without meds, thank you very much. It helped that I saw and experienced most of it from a double-decker bus and ferry, but I still did it.


I did not get to see any Broadway musicals (it didn’t fit in to plans very well, was horridly expensive, and I hated Times Square so much that the thought of lingering there to try to grub for cheap tickets made me want to cry. Perhaps once it’s closed to automotive traffic, it’ll be more manageable (ha!)), nor any of the museums, so that will have to wait until next time.


I took 569 pictures. The majority of them are crap. Taking pictures from a bus means that I have lovely pictures of stoplights, and people’s heads as we were jolted around. The rest are exposed badly as I moved from shade to bright sunshine and didn’t always remember to correct.


Sam’s baby is delicious. Seriously contemplated sticking her someplace in my luggage, but then realized that since it was all carry-on, I’d be discovered before I made it very far.


All in all, a fantastic weekend. Too short as always.


Select photos can be found here and here

This weekend, I am visiting Susan and her own delicious child, Alice, and we are finally, finally going to go country dancing. Susan has also arranged a date for me (!!) with a guy who is excited about the prospect of english dancing(!?!!!), which sounds too good to be true, but I am optimistic nonetheless. And on Sunday night/Monday morning, my parents arrive in town for a week’s vacation. Which means I should have spent tonight cleaning rather than fussing with my pictures, eh?

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12th February 2009

a question for my photographing peeps

Anybody out there know any good tutorials on how to figure out aperture, shutter speed, f-stops and ISO? So far, I’ve read Ken Rockwell’s tutorials on how to set up the Nikon D40 and how to use the different menus, which was very helpful, and Pioneer Woman’s tutorials, but I think I need a step-by-step explanation. What I’d really like to do is take a class through the college, but I have neither the time nor the money for that. So online it is.

I got some lovely pictures during my weekend with Susan:

Alice with dimples

but I’d like to learn how to blur the background more. And take better pictures of flying model airplanes.

Beuller? Beuller?

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