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1st June 2005

Becka’s Questionaire

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Snagged from bjorks_defender, ’cause she made it up just for me! 🙂

1. If you could go to a grocery store and buy one item right now, what would it be? Black Forest gummy worms or bears. I’m addicted to them. Once, when I was 9 or 10 (it was right after we moved to my small hometown), my parents bought a 5 pound bag from Costco, and the afternoon that they were gone, I munched handful after handful. When they came home, I had eaten at least 3/4ths of the bag and could have easily eaten more. I have absolutely no self-control when it come to gummy bears.

2. What television show do you wish would get cancelled, and why? (Don’t hold back, people! Be petty!)
Echoing Becka–7th Heaven. Who are earth is watching that show so that it is renewed year after year after year?? It is the most painfully poorly written show in the history of television, soap operas have more believable dialogue. The acting, if possible, has gotten worse, and every story-line is stilted and overbearing. I still marvel at the fact that the WB cancelled “Buffy” and “Angel” and “Roswell” but kept this show.

3. What’s the lousiest, crappiest, most horrific book you’ve ever read, and what sucked about it?
*blanks* I know that I’ve read some pretty horrific books, but luckily I think I’ve purged their memories. Sorry, can’t tell you which ones to avoid at all costs.

4. Tell us a story involving you and a frozen treat (ice cream, popsicle, slushie, etc.)? It can be tragic, happy, exciting, thoughtful, whatever you want it to be.
My family goes on camping vacations pretty much every summer, where we spend a long time in the car, sightseeing and driving from one camping spot to the next. During these adventures, one of the big treats that we’d get was a big Casco ice cream bar–a delight of thick vanilla ice cream on a stick, dipped in chocolate and covered with walnuts. Sooooo good. Invariably, it would melt before you’d get to the end, so your fingers would be covered in chocolate/vanilla gooeyness and that would be the best part–licking your fingers, then trying to rub on the unlucky person who sat next to you.

5. Tell us one dumb thing you’ve said to another person/group of people.

There’s no way I could limit it to one. I think virtually everything that comes out of my mouth is dumb. But I think my favorite crazy thing that always makes me smile: I was grumbling with best friend about my perpetual state of singlehood and in a burst of frustration, stated “it doesn’t matter anyway. The guy for me is probably at the bottom of the ocean trapped in a nerf ball.” Susan gave this stunned look, then burst out laughing. It’s been an ongoing joke since then, wondering if he’s ever broken free of his squishy prison.

6. Name a silly pet peeve of yours. (Be descriptive, if you can.)
The tendency of every little fangirl to mesh their tv lovers’ names into one. It used okay– “Trory” was almost passable, but you just felt a tingle of sympathy because they couldn’t come up with something more imaginitive. But I shudder at the amount of badness that we now have. “Brannah” practically sends me into convulsions and last night, I stumbled across “Shayid” that had me spitting fire. At least, we Literati’s were able to smash down all of the “Jory” usages.

7. Tell us about an item of clothing you keep in your closet but have never worn and/or only wore a few times. Then justify keeping it.
When I was in Guatemala and visiting the street market, I found these beautiful, silk and cashmere sweaters that I just had to have. One was a light lavender, the other a pale green–and they were both at least three sizes two small. But they were a great deal, and I bought them. Now, they sit in my closet, where I take them out every once in a while and sigh. One day.

8. If you wrote an autobiography about your life, what would you entitle it?
“Wasting my Life Looking for a Nonexistent Nerfball”
“Julia: The Ignoramus of the Medical School.”
“Save Yourself the Boredom and Put this Book Back!”

9. Spinach: love it or hate it? Why?
I love a fresh spinach salad. And there is nothing better in the world (except for gummy worms) than spinach dip and fresh French bread. But just cooked spinach? Bleh.

10. Give me a crazy question for the 2nd Ever Becka-Created Questionnaire!
“Why does everyone love Julia so much?”
“Which one tv show would you sell your soul to have resurrected in some form, be it mini-series, made-for-tv movie, or the big screen?”
“Describe how nerdy/geeky you really are? And if you think you’re not, justify it.”

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  • 7th Heaven

    I agree with you on the show, except that I really want to read the synopses of the episodes on http://www.televisionwithoutpity.com Wow….I mean, the written recaps on that site are hilarious! More entertaining than that show ever has been (I used to actually watch it….ages ago….when all the kids were still in school). Then it got increasingly annoying, or maybe because the kids were growing up, the parents were getting more (unnecessarily) protective, or something like that….I don’t know, but anyway, to make a long story short, I agree with how ridiculous the show is, but I like to read about it.


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