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10th January 2006

Mindless rambling

I cut my hair today and nobody even noticed. Not even Chris, the one person in my life who notices if I’m wearing new shoes.

Mom’s verdict: “Well, it’s like you usually do your hair.”

But it’s shorter (almost 3 inches, people!) and fluffy! I never have fluffy, upturned hair! *sigh* I so wanted to be admired, but no such luck.

Had my last “What to Expect in Kenya” meeting, where basically everybody freaked out because plans were being made without everybody’s knowledge and nobody knew how we were getting from Nairobi to Eldoret, or where we were staying in Nairobi, or how we were getting to where we were staying if we ever found out where (the circular arguments went on for quite some time). Right now, I’m just going with the flow and letting everybody else figure those details out, because it’s the one thing that I have no control over and it won’t just be me. (On the other hand, I’m starting to freak out that I haven’t gotten hostel arrangements yet for Amsterdam, because then it is going to be Just Me and haven’t never been to Europe before, I’m going to be quite clueless. But I have no idea how the bus system works and where I should be looking for housing options.) I did finally manage to get an appointment to get my shots–Wednesday afternoon, so that’s taken care of. And I got sunscreen, lotion and travel books, found my passport, plane tickets and Match list barcode sticker (all had been lost in my room), selected the final pictures for my yearbook page (including getting a new photo of Chris and me with my fluffy hair), so all in all it has been a productive day. I’m trying not to even think about the long list of stuff that still needs to be done.

And Chris bought me this awesome bag that’s basically one long strip of cloth that you zip to make a bag. Plus it has a really long strap, so I can sling it across my shoulders, just the way I like. My Guatemala bag that I used forever (it was bright yellow and brown, and yes I wore it with everything. I’ve been told that I have no fashion sense) was retired and I was so needing a tote bag, since I can’t really bring my “pickpocket-me-please!” purse. It just tickled me that he knew exactly what I needed. *hugs the Chris*

I’ve been posting a lot more frequently, now that I have a “following” with expectations that I update. I’m not sure if it’s a good thing. For example, the above? Would have been deleted and not have wasted anyone’s time.

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