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11th April 2007

be well, do good works, keep in touch

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I realize that recently this journal has been rather short on details of my personal life. For that, I apologize.

One of my favorite blogs, Barbados Butterfly was recently taken down. She’s a surgical registrar in Australia, and apparently her administration found out about her blog and suspended her for a week. Gossip thinks that it’s because she violated patient privacy, my thought is that it’s more because she was criticizing the management and the training environment for surgeons. In any case, she’s now gone.

It certainly has made me wary about what I’ve said here in my journal. I’ve never identified my patients by name or even by disease, but I haven’t changed much of the other details, because part of the reason that I keep a journal is to react to those who influence my daily live, for good or bad. I don’t think I’ve crossed any HIPAA rules, but it certainly starts to make one a little more wary. I realize that I’m writing in a public forum; even though it seems so intimate and small, where I feel like I’m writing to my friends, but since most of my posts are public these days, I really know better. And that has curbed my tongue on what I might otherwise express. I’d post it as friends-only, but I know that there are some faithful readers who have yet to join LJ (it’s really easy, folks). So instead, I’ve blabbered on about more frivolous stuff, which I’ve really enjoyed doing. It’s nice escaping a little while into fandom and poetry, avoiding responsibility.

Things in RL haven’t been that exciting recently anyhow. I’m certainly enjoying being done with work at 4 most afternoons and having weekends off, but because of the cold and the snow, I haven’t done much. I didn’t even get to plant my strawberries and bushes because it got so cold. Right now, they’re in my kitchen, patiently waiting for me to put them into soil. 🙁 Poor things.

I didn’t get to see Atul Gawande. Silly little me did not put two and two together and realize that the blizzard that went through Wisconsin would also affect weather in Chicago, and therefore, it was completely undrivable. I hope that he wasn’t even able to fly in; that would ease my disappointment a little.

One of my really good friends Allison came and stayed with me last weekend, which was so much fun. 🙂 Al is one of those people that I never thought we’d become as good of friends as we did. When she became my roommate after Liz and Sam left, I didn’t exactly hate her, but I really had difficulty warming up to her. We were friendly before, but living with Allison was an entirely different adventure. Al is a very quirky person. She has a tendency to ramble when she speaks….and not finish sentences…and then in the middle of other conversations, start talking about something that we were discussing a couple of hours before. It annoyed me greatly and plus I was mourning Liz and Sam… my two best friends suddenly living their own lives across the country and world, leaving me behind.

But I gradually warmed to Allison, and before long her little quirks were dear traits that I started to pick up on as well. And it’s been almost 6 years since she moved away and we still keep in touch. Now that I live in the midwest, she lives only a couple of hours away from me.

Anyway, she came and visited and we watched Firefly. I had forgotten how much I love that show! She had never seen it before, so it was fun to introduce someone new to the premise and the Joss!love.

Having Allison over did give me an excuse to thoroughly clean my house, which was desperately needed. It’s so nice and pretty (except for those dishes that need cleansing. And the bookshelves in need of assembly. And, and…), that I’m remember why I love my house. I’ve had a few moments of “Why did I buy a house!!!” because my paycheck has been running very very thin recently (payingback my student loans is killing me), so it’s nice to be reminded of the house love. I can’t wait until the weather gets a little warmer and I can paint my living room, thereby finishing off my little project of the last year.

I’ve done a little bit of house cleaning with my friends list here as well, removing a few communities and people who have not updated their journal in a very long time or who I’ve discovered that I had little in common with them. If you were one of those removed and would rather I not, feel free to let me know, it wasn’t anything personal. Also, if any of you friended or were friended by me in times past and can’t recall why and groan audibly when you see my longwinded posts, by all means, you’re welcome to remove me as well and I promise, no hard feelings. 🙂

And I think that’s it. Until next time, folks.

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  • It’s so good to hear more about what’s going on in your life! I love posts like these. I never really do them on my blog because my mother and my in-laws are my most frequent readers and they only want to know about Benjamin. I’m a bit jealous. In any case, keep them coming, although reading them makes me remember how much I miss hanging out with you.

    BTW, I’m sorry about Atul. I would have loved hearing about your experience fangirling him. If you ever do see him, give him my best too! 🙂

    • admin says:

      Hey! I’m a big reader of your blog too! Or maybe you should use you LJ blog to talk about the Michelle aspects of your life. 🙂

      I miss hanging out with you as well. 🙁 That’s the hardest thing about growing up is everybody going off in their different directions…


      • Figure out how to get even just one more hour in the day and I’d love to use my LJ blog to update on the me part of my life. In fact, I even started doing that one day, but found I just didn’t have the time. My blogspot blog wouldn’t even get as updated as it does if it weren’t for my mother calling me every few days saying “You haven’t updated your blog! I want to see new pictures!” Of course, that’s not to say that I don’t love showing off pics of Benjamin. I’d post some even if no one looked at it! 🙂

  • When writing publicly one always has to be cautious because a small remark could be considered damaging someone else’s image, especially corporations. That is why friends-only blogs are much better in that sense.


  • Having guests is a wonderful opportunity to get a house sort of cleaned up. My husband sometimes says we’d never have a clean house if we did not have so many weekends a year with friends and family coming over! LOL!

  • It certainly has made me wary about what I’ve said here in my journal.

    I understand this feeling. Sometime over the past few months, I’ve been gripped with the fear that certain people could see certain things that I write about, and I could get into serious trouble. I’ve gone to censoring myself by creating a separate journal for personal entries, of course, and just yesterday I even made that journal friends-only, something I never thought I would do. The need to create more secrecy and say less is overwhelming me, and my solution is to step further and further away.

    I hope you won’t go to such drastic measures as I’ve been to hide who you are from so many. I know that what happened to that blog you’re familiar with does happen here and there, but truly, overall? I think it’s a very rare thing, when you consider the expanse of the internet that probably could reach out to space and beyond.

    It’s nice escaping a little while into fandom and poetry, avoiding responsibility.

    Very much agreed on that point. It can be a nice reprieve, there’s no doubt.


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