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15th July 2007

and we’re back from these messages

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There’s a reason that they only give me three weeks of vacation a year and four days off a month…

Any more and the taste of freedom would be so alluring that there would be no way any of us would return.

(Moving over to the ICU for the rest of the month, which I love, but it’s so hard saying goodbye to the days of freedom).

My holiday was excellent. I now have new light fixtures downstairs, a spider free basement, vacuumed floors, a draining tub, sparkling clean gutters, a weed free garden, watered and trimmed raspberries and bridalveil bush and a (mostly) working garage door. And a year after moving in, I’ve officially, completely, totally unpacked! Plus I spent two days up in the Upper Peninsula (which, except for the license plates, the locals refused to admit was actually part of Michigan), where I wandered around lighthouses and drove through forests and saw the cliffs of Lake Superior. And I spent yesterday with Chris, getting sunburnt exploring an art festival, eating burritos and sushi, and watching Harry Potter. A very busy and somewhat exhausting vacation, I think I need another one, especially since I’m heading into a stretch of 13 days straight. 🙂

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