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15th October 2007

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From ivydoor

Comment and I’ll pick 7 of your userpics for you to discuss (or something like that)

Made by liminalliz, I found this one years ago. Much About Nothing is one of my favorite movies in the entire world, this is one of my favorite scenes, and it’s an icon that I use when I’m moping about my (lack of) dating life and the fact that I’m ever in a relationship. It snaps me out of the blues and makes me laugh at myself.

Made by sunney. I started watching X-Files because, 1 Scully was a redhead and 2, Scully was a doctor. I tend to use this one more when I’m ranting about the trials of being a resident. There are definitely times when I think that having a sharp scalpel in hand would come in handy. RIght now, I’d like to take it to Medicare and their stupid decision to refuse payment for any patient who develops a urine infection in the hospital… Grrr.

Icon by palalula. Ah, Calvin and Hobbes. I think I have seen/read every comic that Bill Watterson ever drew. I wish he’d come out of retirement and draw more, there isn’t another comic that so clearly expresses the ironic nuisances of every day life.

This icon expresses my every day off. I end up wasting it away and wishing for more.

Another favorite comic. Get Fuzzy is the story about a cat, a dog and their human. I really love Satchel and his humble, loyal appreciation of life, but it’s Bucky and his crazy antics that keep me rolling in laughter. I tend to use this icon pretty randomly, just on day where having a cat on your head is exactly what life feels like. Capped by karli_meaghan

For The Birds is my all time favorite Pixar short. It played right before Monster’s Inc (which ties with Finding Nemo for my favorite Pixar full length), and I cry in tears every time I see it. I tend to use this icon when I’m just realizing that moment of “ut oh, I should have thought this through better!”Icon capped and cleaned by proverbial_icons

The Doctor is so dorky. Seriously, he was about to pull out a film projector and a laser pointer there. And Rose is so enamored. *snuggles OTP* I tend to use this when replying to any Doctor Who related post. (Icon by me)

I went to Ireland last May on vacation (pictures can be seen here: http://picasaweb.google.com/jcd1013), which is truly one of the most gorgeous places on earth. I will be returning someday, but in the meantime, I use this icon when talking about my travels (to Ireland or in general). Icon made by girlboheme

You’re welcome to comment and ask me to pick 7 for you. Unfortunately, I’m on call again tomorrow (blerg), so it might be 72 hours or so before you hear back from me. Just so you know. 🙂

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