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17th December 2007


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Last neuro call for 3 months!!!

Vacation in 2 days!!!

I can do this!

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  • Anonymous says:

    Yea, you are comming home!!!

    When exactly are you coming in on the 20th? What are your plans? Is your family immediately whisking you off to Manilla or can you hang out with us Salt Lake folks for a couple days? I’m thinking some Cocoa cafe time, some christmas lights, and lazy chatting if you are amiable. Caitlin is coming in the evening of the 21st and we are in Brigham on the 22nd but returning to SL the 23rd for church and plethora party.

    • admin says:

      Re: Yea, you are comming home!!!

      I think I get in SLC around 4 pm. My fam’s supposed to meet me and then we’re driving up to Logan that night, as my cousin is getting married on Friday. But there may be a minute or two of free time where I can meet up and gush over your baby.

  • Yay! Have fun and don’t worry- you will make it just fine.

    Enjoy your break!

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