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29th November 2009

lost in austen

lost in austen

So a couple of weeks ago, I finally discovered how much easier Google Reader made my blog reading and stalking. I put on all of my usual haunts, it suggested more… and more… and more. I’m now subscribed to more than 50 blogs. Luckily, most of them only post once or two a week. Right now, I think that Google Reader can’t decide whether I’m a happiness-seeking, frugal-living, eco-friendly Buddhist, a Mormon mommy/infertility/woe-I’m-single blogger, or a fiction author stalker. Probably a little of all of them.

A couple of days ago, I stumbled on an all about Jane Austen blog and added it to my reader. Well, that brought a flood of suggestions! Now, I’ve got Austen book reviews (what is with all of the paranormal “retellings”??? This is getting ridiculous!), JA quotes and best of all, regency costumes on my daily readings. Today, I browsed through a dozen different blogs, which stirred my longings to make proper stays and shifts, so my own gown would hang properly. My favorite gown that this particular seamstress made was this one. Isn’t it gorgeous?

I’m not one of those who wishes that I was born in a different time period. I like my indoor plumbing, electricity, quick transportation and electronics, thank you very much. But I do wish that I had excuses to dress in exquisite gowns more. And also that I had been blessed with the desire to be a seamstress. Mom tried her hardest to instill her sewing loving ways into us girls, but it’s only now that I’ve been hit with the bug – when I completely lack the time or know how.

I also just discovered that the Jane Austen Society has a Wisconsin branch that has “book discussion groups that meet three times a year. We also have a fall event in Milwaukee, toast Jane Austen’s birthday at a luncheon in December, hold a Spring Gala in Madison and celebrate summer with a Box Hill picnic.” Sounds like heaven to me!

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16th July 2009

camping, here I go!

Surprisingly, I love night float. I love working the night shift, when it’s quiet and I can just focus on getting the patient taken care of and tucked in. I love running into CuteIntern in the cafeteria and having a moment to catch up (well, he had only a 30 sec pause; the ER keeps the radiology department pretty hopping at night)–my heart still hasn’t quite recovered for the palpitations. I love the nurses that I work with and getting to know them. My six days stretch was pretty benign – I think I averaged 3 patients that I admitted (out of a possible 7, go me!). Last night, of course, since I was really wanting sleep so I’d be fresh for my four hour drive today, I had a patient that I had to transfer to the unit, which kept me up, but it still was nothing compared to an average neuro call.

I love seeing the sunrise too. The sun is just peeking over the horizon at 5:30, turning the sky a hazy pink. I was going to take pictures of it; even brought my camera in, and then got a stern email from the head boss that no pictures were to be taken inside any of the buildings without written permission. Even if it wasn’t a patient. Grr. I’m so tired of rules and regulation all of the time.

Anyway. I just finished packing for my camping trip. Yay!! I’m heading up north, way north today to camp over night in the remote, forested and laked (silly word check, I know that’s not a word), bear-populated country, then coming down to a tamer county park for Friday and Saturday where some of my good girlfriends will be joining me. I’m bringing my art supplies, a notebook, a few of the Harry Potter books, some games, makings for smores, etc. We’re going on a nature walk, and just taking it easy for a few days. I’m so super excited. I have to shower, get the oil on my car checked and then I’m off. At least to the next rest stop – I have a feeling that I’ll be stopping for siestas all along the way. Luckily, I do have a friend going with me who will help drive and keep me awake. No worries, Mom!

Alrighty. See you all on Sunday!

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7th July 2009

two things I had forgotten

1. How good a long workout can be. Did I tell you that when one of my friends moved this spring, she gave me her elliptical machine and weight bench? I can’t remember. In any case, I haven’t use them more than 1-2 times a month. Did I also tell you that my friend had a household of cats, and the elliptical machine had the unfortunate residence in the litter room? I like cats (although I’m slightly allergic which keeps me from giving in and buying a cute ball of fur), but I don’t like my hands smelling like cats after a workup. I’ve sprayed it with bleach, baking soda (no worries, I washed it with water in between), more baking soda, and two applications of Febreeze and with a towel, it’s tolerable.

In any case, I walked for 30 minutes today and burned 300 calories! Go me!

2. The perfection that is the show Everwood. Oh, my poor, neglected, canceled-in-its-prime show. TPTB at the WB finally, finally heard the numerous pleas and released the second season on DVD, and I had forgotten how much I love this show. The relationships, the characters, the acting is just perfect. Every single week. It makes me homesick (in the cathedrals of new york and rome, there is a feeling that you should just go home and spend a lifetime finding out just where that is) and heartsick and happy all at the same time. I miss good tv like that. (Season 2 can be purchased here from Amazon if my little missionary moment convinced you. 😉 )

In other news: I had a lovely 4th of July weekend. I had a blissful three days off, and caught up on sleep and read for fun for the first time in months (East by Edith Pattou, The Princess and the Hound by Mette Ivie Harrison and Princess of the Midnight Ball by Jessica Day George. Hmm, wanna play spot the theme? Actual book reviews are forthcoming, I hope), helped my friend paint her mother’s bathroom, went to another friend’s house and played with sparklers for the first time ever, and ate strawberries and ice cream cake, and just had a nice time. I really miss not having a summer vacation; this was a small but appreciate glimpse of freedom.

Picture evidence of the weekend and of the rest of my adventures in May and June can be found at my Picasa web site, including English Country Dancing, seeing Carbon Leaf in concert (one of the best concerts ever), and hanging out with my crazy yet beloved coworkers.

The VA emergency department has continued to be somewhat slow. I’ve seen a total of four patients in the 3 days that I’ve been there. I’m not complaining – I’ve gotten caught up on my clinic notes (it’s amazing how quickly I can get behind if I don’t do them immediately after clinic) and I have a big fat 1000 page book that I’m determined to have read by the time I switch to the medical ICU in August, so I appreciate the chance to study. I start night float on Friday. Meaning, I work 8 pm to 8 am (or 6 pm to 8 am on the weekends) for a week, admitting the sick patients who come in from the emergency department. Long ago, I lost any semblence of a circadian rhythm, but it’s never been tested like this before. I’m kinda excited to see how I handle it and I’m hoping to get a couple of things done in the day, such as getting a basement/foundation specialist to diagnosis why my house leaks and taking my car to the garage to figure out why it suddenly sounds like it’s been possessed by a family of crickets.

And that’s it with me. How are all of you?

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10th April 2009

pretty stick

Today was one of the most exhausting days I’ve had in a long time (boy, I’ve been spoiled). It was endless pages and endless consults (I had 5 before 1 pm and another after that), haggling with radiology to get an MRI done (if I hear one more time that’s its protocol… I understand that you don’t want a patient with metallic things getting an MRI done as those metallic things can come ripping out. However, when I tell you that this patient had a MRI done 1 week ago and survived it just fine, I think we can forgo all of the drama, okay?), managing a patient in status (poor intern had no idea what to do), answering questions about the dozen patients that I thought I could finally sign off (and got pulled back into their disease) and somehow still seeing all of the patients that we are still actively following as well. I didn’t leave until after 7:30 (and still came home to a glimmer of daylight! I love spring!). Good thing I didn’t have plans tonight (this is the reason that while I’m going down to Chicago next Friday to see Vienna Teng in concert, I’m buying tickets for the 10:00 show, rather than the 7:00 show. I may be driving home at 3 in the morning, but at least I’m mostly guaranteed to make it).

I came home to a lovely little package on my front porch though, which made the whole day better:

It’s wrinkled (muslin wrinkles like nothing else) and I didn’t wear any makeup at all today, so the big pimples that I’ve been fighting for the last week are quite prominent, (and we’ll entirely ignore the weight issue, shall we?) but I love the dress! I’m still fighting with the neckline (you can make out my divotted and scar-ridden right shoulder on the second picture), but I think if I pin it to the underslip (and maybe the bra), it should look better. Chris brought me home this gorgeous lilac silk shawl from India, which matches my dress perfectly, giving it just the perfect elegant touch.

Next is figuring out how to do my drab hair (the new haircut lost its luster pretty quickly). And finding my fancy jewelry. And then actually sending in the registration for the weekend of dance.

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