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16th July 2009

camping, here I go!

Surprisingly, I love night float. I love working the night shift, when it’s quiet and I can just focus on getting the patient taken care of and tucked in. I love running into CuteIntern in the cafeteria and having a moment to catch up (well, he had only a 30 sec pause; the ER keeps the radiology department pretty hopping at night)–my heart still hasn’t quite recovered for the palpitations. I love the nurses that I work with and getting to know them. My six days stretch was pretty benign – I think I averaged 3 patients that I admitted (out of a possible 7, go me!). Last night, of course, since I was really wanting sleep so I’d be fresh for my four hour drive today, I had a patient that I had to transfer to the unit, which kept me up, but it still was nothing compared to an average neuro call.

I love seeing the sunrise too. The sun is just peeking over the horizon at 5:30, turning the sky a hazy pink. I was going to take pictures of it; even brought my camera in, and then got a stern email from the head boss that no pictures were to be taken inside any of the buildings without written permission. Even if it wasn’t a patient. Grr. I’m so tired of rules and regulation all of the time.

Anyway. I just finished packing for my camping trip. Yay!! I’m heading up north, way north today to camp over night in the remote, forested and laked (silly word check, I know that’s not a word), bear-populated country, then coming down to a tamer county park for Friday and Saturday where some of my good girlfriends will be joining me. I’m bringing my art supplies, a notebook, a few of the Harry Potter books, some games, makings for smores, etc. We’re going on a nature walk, and just taking it easy for a few days. I’m so super excited. I have to shower, get the oil on my car checked and then I’m off. At least to the next rest stop – I have a feeling that I’ll be stopping for siestas all along the way. Luckily, I do have a friend going with me who will help drive and keep me awake. No worries, Mom!

Alrighty. See you all on Sunday!

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