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19th June 2007

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Last week, when I looked at the nice neat row of blue boxes on my mini calendar, I thought to myself, “Self,” (and then I giggled because I rarely speak to myself as a proper noun), “you know what would be a great goal? To fill that little calendar box with blue boxes. To write a little something every day.” And I was cheered and excited by the plan, and made little ideas of what I would write.

And then of course, I’m on call. And at the hospital until 10 at night. And somehow living a life. And lo, 5 days passed, and there went that idea. It was fun while it lasted. 🙂 At least I didn’t post that lame idea here. I figured that if all of you read that I was going to say something every day for 30 days, you’d run away screaming and I’d be promptly DEFRIENDED. I just couldn’t bear that.

Does everybody note the little happy, lilting tone to my voice? Notice that the gloom and doom has left the building? Yep, it’s true. Things have definitely gotten better. I’m down to 3 patients (who I can’t seem to discharge); one of my difficult patients I discharged a few days ago, the other has yelled at me every single morning (and every other person who walked into the room… I stopped taking it personally). I’ve been finalizing plans to send her home for about 5 days now, today I walked in and she actually apologized and smiled, so I think I won her over as well! My favorite patient was here for clinic today, which was nice (someone that I’ve actually been able to help a little). So all in all… things are better. 🙂

I’ve actually had time for a little fun as well. Chris came over on Thursday night (saying it’d probably be the last time he’d see in me 2-3 months. Ha!) and we met up downtown with some of my friends for the weekly “Jazz in the Park”. There were tons and tons of people. We managed to find a tiny little patch of lawn on the corner of the park where we set up blankets and chairs and listened to the bass (that’s all that you could hear). It really was supposed to be a farewell get together for my neuro group. At least one of my friends will be leaving to finish his residency in Arizona (stupid boy had to get married) at the end of the month and my other one may leave because of health issues. We’re all on the wards this month, and at least one of us is on call every night this month, except 2 days, and Thursday was it. Of course, Mo could only stay a few minutes because Yasmin was waiting (ugh, newly weds), Kareem was working late, Sima found another group that she wanted to hang out with, Kara goes to bed early. Which really limited the party.

In the end, Kristin (she’s the pharmacist in the NICU), Chris and I met up with Kareem at his abode and then stayed up way too late playing pool and mocking karaoke singers. It was so much fun! I managed to get some poor quality pictures so maybe I’ll post those later. And I did win one round of pool (had some mighty lucky, impressive shots. Sam, do you remember when you first taught me pool at that pub in D.C.? And I managed to beat you and all of your boys? Good times). Definitely the refill that I needed on my hug’o’meter. 🙂 The lost sleep (oh, wards were painful the next day) were worth it.

Chris stayed overnight and then met up with Kristin and Kareem for brunch. While I went to work. Not fair!! But I guess it means that my friends groups have successfully merged together, which I’ve never been very good at doing before. And we’ll have a lot of fun when he comes down to visit.

Friday was neurology graduation. Which means, my least favorite resident is graduated and is just about completely out of my life! Whee! No, graduation itself was nice, although I think by this time, it really doesn’t mean as much. There’s only so many times you can pose with the certificate and handshake. It was good seeing everybody; I may have problems with how the neurology department is run, but they really are my closest friends I’ve made here. My only grip is that they like to hang out at some of the local pubs/restaurants … and Milwaukee has yet to pass a no smoking law. I don’t mind the drinking (I leave long before sobriety is lost and I’m used to the twits about my strawberry milkshakes or orange juice), but ugh, the smoking is the worst. And then they all contribute to it! They’re DOCTORS! They should know better. *gripes*

Anyway. Saturday was on call. We won’t talk about Saturday. Hard hard call night (not the worst I’ve had, but they all start blurring together in badness). Sunday was post call and I did make it to Sacrament Meeting and only fell asleep during one of the talks. But since the theme was “Father’s Day”, I think most of the sentiments were repeated, so I don’t think I missed out. 🙂 It’s always a joy going to church in smelly scrubs, but I really needed the spiritual enlightenment. I’ve tried to keep “I’m a Child of God” in my head when I see Difficult Patient and I think it helped soften me a little towards her. MedStud (still exasperatingly cute, still exasperatingly out of limits. I’ve dealt. I’m cool. I’ve, um, moved on?) was adorable and kept me awake. And then, I went home, crashed, woke up to call Dad, wish him happy Father’s Day, and watch the latest Dr Who (the second half of the season has just been unbelieveably good. So redeeming the first) and crashed again. Got home from work yesterday and crashed again. And now the week is almost half over.

And that’s what I’ve been up. I feel like I just wrote a “What I did on my summer vacation” essay (I think it was probably that exciting to read as well).

Thanks to everybody for their replies to my past entries! I loved the books/movies and the hugs! *smooshes flist and friends* I really enjoyed all of the responses!!

So next random, audience participation question:

If you were to be convince to perform karaoke, which song would you perform? I honestly would have sung last Thursday, but I couldn’t think of a song that stayed in the right voice range and was the right type of upbeat and catchy. Because, while I’m willing to risk a little bit of mock, I’d rather be greeted by cheers and whistles at the end than boos. I’d like to hear suggestions for my next performance. 🙂

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  • Nice to hear you sounding so relaxed!

  • I’m glad to hear things are going better! YAY! And it’s so nice that Chris ended up in Wisconsin too – I remember when you first left Utah and how worried you were that you and Chris would grow apart and no longer really be friends, and now he here is, participating in your Milwaukee fun times. 🙂 That’s so good!!!

    Thanks for the offer to edit my little story – I’d really appreciate it. I have such a hard, hard time being even remotely objective about what I write, so I need some feedback on that one before I can justify sending it anywhere.

    And, hey, when are you free in July? We should figure out if me visiting would work or not. I was thinking I could either take the Amtrak, or Paul said he could get me a very discounted plane ticket to Milwaukee (although I’d have to do a non-rev flight by myself, which does not sound at all appealing… but it would be much faster than the train). Anyway, if we can narrow down dates, I might have a better idea about what can or can’t work. 🙂

    Glad all is well, and I hope things keep continuing to get better.

    As for karaoke, I don’t think any song could convince me to get up there and sing, especially since Paul has told me that most of the time when I sing, I’m dreadful. I’m apparently only on-key and good when I’m absolutely not trying, like when I don’t even realize I’m singing. -sigh- I just had to date a pitch-perfect musician-type, didn’t I? -boo-

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