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14th November 2009

saturday is a special day, it’s the day the crazies come out to play!

Remember that parable about how if you carry a calf every day, pretty soon, you’d find that you could lift a full grown cow?

Residency is like that, I think. Because I’ve been doing this for so long, I can do things now without thinking about them. I just stuck a needle in my patient’s back (a spinal tap or lumbar puncture). At first I hit bone, but then, because I’ve done so many of these, I knew where to reposition and guide it through the ligaments into the subdural space. Champagne tap.

I got criticized last night by the fellow for giving tPA to the patient I mentioned, because patient had complications right afterwards, which didn’t show up on imaging and obviously, I had missed the diagnosis. My attending this morning criticized me for not arguing more, because, in his opinion, I was right. I didn’t have enough confidence (always a problem) in my thinking and honestly, you can’t convince this particular fellow of anything.

The cow named Residency and I need to do some more bench presses together. That’s okay. We’ve got another year and a half together.

(Obviously this was composed way too late at night and my metaphors and similes are rather poor).

I told Dr. L today that I’m doing critical care. I’ve worshiped him since I was an intern (some of the starry-eye devotion has faded as he became more human, but I still adore), so his opinion has been very important to me. He’s excited for me. I think if I want to stay here, I should have a position, which is a comfortable sort of feeling. Now if I could just get up the courage to ask for letters of recommendation.

My research project has stalled, because, as always, when I did the literature search, I found that all of my ideas have already been researched to death and I can’t come up with any cool spin on it. Lovely. Have I mentioned that I hate research?

I was going to share about my little flirtations with the cafeteria cook (we’re on first name basis now!) and how one of my favorite nurses just informed me that he could walk through paper and then proceeded to perform the lame magic trick. But I am tired and want to sleep. So I’ll just leave you with the little tidbits. 🙂

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