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1st November 2008

Alter Ego

For 10 years now, I’ve been a fan of the X-Files. I even accidently called one of my friends “Mulder” in the middle of a conversation once, that’s how deeply the infatuation of the show ran. As a redhead doctor-to-be and later on an actual doctor, well, I related a lot to the character of Dana Scully.

But until now, I had never dressed up as Scully for Halloween. What a waste of naturally red hair!

To complete the costume, I had my hair cut ( a little shorter than what I wanted but oh well, at least it grows) and toted a cell phone (unfortunately not old-school), a flashlight and the badge, which I made myself with the super-helpful assistance of a Office Max copy-center employee. I could not find a plastic gun, unfortunately, and as I thought up the idea late Oct 30, I did not have a Mulder either. If I had realized the number of guys who showed up at the party minus a costume, including way-too-good-looking-for-his-and-my-good-and-thank-heavens-he’s-moving Trouble Boy, I’d have recruited harder. 🙂

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