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5th November 2008

how a door bested me

There are times when I really question if I’ve got the required brain cells to be a doctor.

I was able to get into my friend’s house. Because the key really was on the key ring, I just managed not to see it, despite trying everything for over a half hour and then asking another friend to come over and try as well today. We tried the back door, walked around to the front, I handed her the keys and she miraculously found the right one. Yep.

Cats are fine. Water bowls were changed, litter box scoped. I’m so overwhelmingly relieved; I can stop worrying that her cats are going to die on my care.

I’m utterly exhausted this week and have been somewhat moody and cranky. I almost started crying tonight in the custard shop because of difficulties ordering a pumpkin shake, that’s how ridiculous this is. I really don’t know why I’m so emotionally fragile, but this episode with the cats, combined with the verbal “question and answer” session that I had on Monday with my program director, which did not go well, has just brought my mood down.

But I’m going to bed now, so hopefully, a little sleep will make things better.

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