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3rd November 2008


I’ve been falling asleep all day long today. Just can not keep my eyes open. I’m not sure why. I did get about 7 hours of sleep last night… and 11 the night before (I LOVE sleeping in). My eyes have been itching all day long, and I think this new prescription for contacts is off, as everything out of my left eye is blurry, so that might be contributing. Oh, yeah, and that daylight savings thing too.

I’m working in the spinal cord unit at the VA right now. Six patients. Rounds consist of walking around and looking at pressure sore wounds, which have definitely surpassed the definition of “sore”. They are usually large, open and somewhat smelly. I’ve never ever liked wounds/skin infections. But as it is something that I will see over and over as a doctor, especially now that Medicare in its infinite wisdom decided that pressure sore were “never events” and won’t pay for the hospitalization if one develops during the stay, I guess I’d better get used to checking, probing, and wrapping these buggers.

In any case, in the afternoons, I have neurology clinic. Today was MS (multiple sclerosis). 2 of the patients cancelled so my attending told me to go do something and he’d call me when the last patient showed up. So I took myself out into the gorgeous 74 degree sunshine and had a nap on the grass. 🙂 Just a lovely break to the day. Likely won’t ever happen again.

And I’m still tired. I’m about to go and put myself to bed. But I really need to go to the gym (another November goal. I swear, I’m treating November like it was January 1st).

Nano word count: 355. Yep. This is going so well.

Lastly, because I love it:

One day more!

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