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30th November 2008

Day #30

Congrats to me! I completed the challenge for National Blogging Month and posted an entry every day for the month of November. Of course you guys knew that, since you had to slug through my often meaningless meanderings.

I had planned on composing this grand post to cap off my month, a post that would stand as tribute to my achievement. But of course, I’m on call. I’ve got my daily progress notes (from this morning) to write, xrays to follow up on, a patient in the ER to see and 3 other admission/consult notes to write. I just barely got dinner (didn’t get breakfast or lunch – I had plenty of snacks so I wasn’t completely starving), and things are finally slowing down for a moment so I could catch up. So I guess the fabulous horn-tooting post will have to wait.

Shall I continue for the month of December as well?

It’s snowing right now, they’re expecting 9-12 inches of snow. I hadn’t forgotten how much I love (not) driving home post call in a snow storm and shoveling/snow-blowing all afternoon instead of sleeping. Hi Milwaukee winter! I had missed you!

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