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6th November 2010



My evening consisted of going to an “adults only” session for Stake Conference (halfway down the page). I don’t know when the additional session of stake conference was first started, but I hate it; I have few enough Saturdays free from work and I usually devote my Sundays to church as it is. But I’ve tried to develop a better attitude about them, and my friend Sarah promised me custard afterward so I went. The talks were dull. Only one talk was slightly inspiring. I was contemplating my next “30 day” answer instead of listening. I should have gone to the movies like I wanted to. Both Toy Story 3 and Inception are playing at the dollar theaters and I haven’t seen either of them. (No spoilers!)

But I did go to custard, where Sarah and I ran into every single person from the church there as well (and one of the neurosurgery residents with his girlfriend). The pumpkin custard shake was almost enough to calm the flames of outrage when a friend relayed a conversation where a group of men basically stated that there wasn’t a single woman in the entire ward “worth” (their words) dating. There’s probably close to 60+ women who go to church regularly and not one they consider “dating potential” because “I would never marry them, so it would be wasting my time.” Wow. I’m still pissed – the custard wasn’t able to make miracles.

Afterward, I met up with a couple of “friends” – people from the midsingles group from church who have become my new social group. One is 49 and still upset that the love of his life got tired of waiting for him to make a move and married somebody else 25 years ago. Another is the guy who I went on a blind date with 2 years ago. I never mentioned him again in this blog, because he never said a word to me until the formation of this singles group 6 months ago. Another is a very recently divorced man who would like nothing more than to get married again as soon as possible – and can be quite overbearing if anybody suggests that maybe being single isn’t too terrible.

We watched Prince of Persia, which was surprisingly entertaining, although I think Toy Story might have been better…

I was going to use the extra hour to complete the 30 day meme for today, but I’m tired and cranky and I’d rather sleep. So tomorrow.

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