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22nd November 2010

the day I came squalling into the world

the day I came squalling into the world

As of 0450 today, I am 32 years old. Since it is well documented that I never know my own age, I’ve been thinking that I was 32 for a couple of months now. At first, it was more to just “try on” the new age, and then over time, it just felt right. I think that I’ve gotten over the dread of getting older – turning 30 and 31 was a period of purging and mourning unlikely dreams and now I feel comfortable acknowledging that I am “middle aged” – in the 2nd trimester of life, as it were. Although when my intern stated that he wouldn’t date anybody more than 5 years older than him (and even that’s too old), I felt some mild panic. Not really. Even if I was turning 21, I’d still be too old for Intern. And too short, too fat, too pale, etc. The boy is picky and very much not right for me either!

My day has been rather perfect. I brought a carrot cake to work, and had a spontaneous party with my neurology peeps. We had lunch together, then yummy, gooey cake. I got done early, came home and took a nap, then spent a couple of hours on the phone talking to my beloved ones. In between, I slipped off to Noodles and Co where I treated myself to free noodles. Since I was the last customer, they gave me the leftover cookies. Total score! My facebook, LJ, email and phone have been filled with messages of love, which is the best present I could ever want. {{{HUGS}}} to all: you give my life meaning and enrich it every day. I could not possible convey the gratitude and love that I feel.

I have to say, I am looking forward to my 33rd year of life. Not only do I new adventures to look forward to (and new heartaches, challenges, disappointments, boredoms, joys, etc), but I have a pretty mathematically aesthetic birth date (11/22) and I’m going to be 33 on 11/22/11. Palindromic and additive, it really can’t get better.:)

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