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13th November 2010

nests, tricks and other birds

nests, tricks and other birds

Dear Mom,

You’ll be glad to know that the hours spent playing Rook growing up have not gone to waste. I taught four people how to play and swept the game three times. My gloating was humble – I even overbid and lost a game, just to show that I wasn’t invincible, but oh, victory was sweet. Now if I could just convince people to play Dominoes the right way!


Unfortunately I did not take any pictures of the game (I was too busy winning!), but here are some other pictures of my weekend. It was exactly what I hoped it would be: spiritually uplifting (if a tad heavy on the Steven Covey worship – but since the speaker worked for him, I suppose I can forgive it), good fellowship, cute boys and a little flirtation, good food and a walk in the leaf covered woods.

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