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16th November 2010

has the moon lost her memory

has the moon lost her memory

Headache is still lingering, I think, because it’s turning colder and I’m hunched over more. I could really go for a massage right now. To top it off, I twisted my ankle – or at least, I did something to my ankle this morning while walking to work, so I spent the rest of the day hobbling. Not fun.

All About Me Day 06 – Your earliest memory
I’m pretty sure that all of my earliest memories are really memories based on suggestions and hearing family stories. No really. I have recollections of going easter egg hunting – but I was 1 and have heard the story about how I made my parents hid the easter eggs over and over since I was tiny. I do have some recollections that I’m sure are real – memories of elementary school and flying a kite and walking along the Tucson riverway (only had water in it a couple of months) and sitting on a cactus, going to the Clouse’s house for piano lessons. Being in The Christmas Carol. But I think most of those memories are from when I was 8-9.

Interestingly, I was just reading some articles about how we “patch” our memories and cofabulate so they make sense. For example, I remember being there when my little sister fell into a hot tar pit – but I’m pretty sure that she was with one of my parents and their bike tipped in? In any case, I no longer feel bad about having a poor memory.
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