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7th November 2010



Folks, I am cold. I made the mistake of running off to church without a jacket, because the Wisconsin sun had convinced me that it was still warm. Oh, silly mortal. Now, I’m in my fleece pjs with my fleece robe, under a flannel blanket, with my rice bag heated and my toes are still icicles. I don’t think I’m ready for winter yet!

I am also tired. I hate adjusting to time changes.

Here’s the next installation in the “30 days of too much information”
Day 4 – A habit that you wish you didn’t have

I haven’t been able to think of true “habits” that I have – things that I do without thinking about them, but I do have a share of faults that I wish I could improve (but obviously not enough to really do something about):

  • I am a rather messy person.

I wouldn’t say that I’m a hoarder (although since I came across the battery charger for my previous camera that was stolen and I still haven’t gotten rid of it, I may fit some of the definitions), but entropy is definitely at play in my life. I don’t really like doing dishes and I find my dishwasher to be the most painfully slow machine on this planet, so that’s not an option. I’ve done piles of laundry, but I have a limited supply of clothing drawers and closets, necessitating that everything be very carefully organizing before it’s put away, and so they’ve sat on my bedroom floor as the dirty clothes get placed in additional piles around them. I shed hair like crazy, so I can never keep up with the sweeping. I’m inundated by papers from work and from the mail. I’ve tried, several times, to just organize and rearrange and I get halfway through – just to the point where I have pulled out everything and created absolute chaos, before I get bored and move onto the next project. I do make efforts when people come and visit, but they are short lived. I need to get into better daily habits of straightening.

  • I stay up too late at night.

Ever since college, when the dorms would come alive at 9 o’clock at night and I would stay up until long after midnight, I’ve had problems going to bed early. It’s a problem because now I’m a Real Adult and have to be at work at a certain time, so it doesn’t take long before I’m dragging. Usually at some point in the week. I collapse around 8 and “catch up” and start the cycle all over again. It has had perks, because I am able to do call (my 30+ hour shifts of death) and not feel tired at all until around 4 am.

  • I am a procrastinator.

I put off things that don’t have immediate deadlines until long after the deadline is passed and I’m getting threats (as evidenced by the student evaluations that I need to fill in. It’s just really difficult coming up with unique ways of saying “So-and-so was a team player and took responsibility of his/her patients. They are eager to learn. Blah. Blah. Blah”). I’ve been trying to get in a habit for studying for boards every day and I usually manage to do it for 1 day. And usually less than an hour. It’s bad, friends! I have boards sometime in the middle of August. That’s not that long from now – and several of those months are going to be really busy as I get prepared to move and start fellowship. I’m recommitting now – you’re more than welcome to harass!

  • I waste too much time on the internet.

I have no idea how the time can just slip by. I read several blogs, read the news, check my email, check Facebook, several times, all day. It’s not like I’m even watching movies or shows or anything important. I need to stop. It’ll just have to be December, because I’m not missing a day here.

Harry Potter Day 4: Least favorite female character.

I should put a disclaimer here that there isn’t a single character in the whole series that I hate. Some of them are more rounded than others and some of the villians are just perfectly delicious (Umbridge and Bellatrix for example). I think I’d classify this more as “most disappointing character development”

See, I loved Ginny’s character in Book 5. We really hadn’t gotten to see much of her before that, Chamber of Secrets notwithstanding, but there were some particularly awesome scenes of development in OotP (I told you it’s my favorite). That summer, I devoured Ginny-centered fanfics and theories. The first daughter in 7 generations of Weasleys and the seventh child and the fact that she had been possessed by Tom Riddle and therefore might have insight into his thinking or weaknesses – all potential for awesomeness. I found her to be less than awesome in Half-Blood Prince (yay, all the boys like her!) and completely forgettable in Deathly Hallows. It wouldn’t have been difficult to add more to her character. I mentioned how unhappy I was with the scene in Deathly Hallows where Ron and Hermione go down to the Chamber to get basilisk tusks (not that they were ever needed) and Ron had opened the door by “mimicking” Parseltongue – something that he had heard Harry speak once 5 years previously and while they were being distracted by Lockhart, and oh yeah, he broke his arm and was out of action. If it had been that easy to open the chamber, the basilisk would have killed the entire school many times over. How easy, how perfect and complete it would have been to include Ginny in that scene – Ginny who actually opened the Chamber before. I dunno. JKR has said in many interviews that she felt that Ginny was Harry’s soul mate – something that I thought was never illustrated properly in the books.

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