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21st November 2010

Day #10

Day #10

I had a lot of fun with this one!

Day #10: Songs you listen to when you are Happy, Sad, Bored, Hyped, Mad. I only slightly cheated on this one: 2 songs for each category!
Happy song:

When I’m happy, I tend you get sentimental. This song never fails to make me smile. Plus it’s from one of the greatest movies of all time.

Stole My Heart – Little & Ashley. I am sooo happy that stop animation is making a comeback and the Amazon commercial was so whimsical that I had to track down the whole song which is just lovely. When I’m happy, I tend to seek out the sappy love songs.

Sad songs:

Be Ok -Ingrid Michaelson. My friendship with Chris almost completely broke apart this summer/fall (it’s part of the reason that I took such a prolonged absence from this blog. I couldn’t write. I couldn’t think). There were several things that contributed (that I still don’t want to get into – we’re okay now, so we’ll leave it at that), but during the weeks of uncertainty, my choice of music definitely leaned towards the melancholic yet hopeful. I make have listened to this song over and over for a week.

Pieces – Villagers. I think this was another NPR discovery, and once again, it really spoke to me in those hard months. I like this acoustic version best. “All the words that I meant to say, they’ll never come out the right way.” (Ignore his hair)


Vienna Teng is definitely my favorite singer/songwriter/pianist. Like Eva, she’s one that I grab every new album released. This song is probably my favorite and I listen to it in all of my moods. This is just a lovely live performance (although, her album version is better IMO).

Learn to Fly – Carbon Leaf. My other “almost constantly streaming” band. This isn’t my favorite song of theirs, but it is the one with a actually music video and I love Barry’s haircut here (the other videos he looked like a lumberjack who got in a fight with a grizzly). I’ve seen them live twice – the first concert was amazing, the second, well I’m pretty sure that the entire band was drunk and it was a tad disappointing.


Sing, Sing, Sing – Louis Prima and Benny Goodman (from Swing Kids). Honestly, you have not lived until you’ve gone swing dancing and swirled madly across the dance floor and attempted a flip and given your partner a bloody nose.

David Duchovny – Bree Sharp. Terrible video quality (they never released it officially), but oh, I love this song. Still.


Push – Matchbox Twenty. Speaks for itself, I think.

Breaking the Habit – Linkin Park. When I’m truly angry, I like angry, loud songs. This is one that I’ll turn the volume up and belt it out. (The video is cool too).

Harry Potter Meme: Day # 10 – Horcruxes or Hallows.
Horcruxes. I honestly felt that the Hallows were too complex for the amount of time devoted to them and detracted from the story. JKR had done such an amazing job hinting and setting the plot up for such minute detail, but it really seemed that the Hallows were cobbled together at the last minute. I’ve appreciated them more as I’ve reread the series again (and honestly the animation explaining them in the movie was amazing), but there really was enough for Harry and Co to do with just chasing down the Horcruxes.

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